Monday, October 10, 2011

The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

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I opted to read this novel as i found it very high in ratings. It was also among top 250 reads of the century. I like this novel but dont know why. Perhaps, i had already made my mind that this book is sort of classic as i have not seemed to enjoyed this book much. But when i watch the movie, it was awesome and quite emotional. I wasn't able to imagine emotions that far.

Let us come back to the topic. As soon as the book begun, the Protagonist woke up as a different creature, most probably, ant. It is not mentioned anywhere but he matches with the features of the creature author talked about. He was the traveling salesperson and was the only earning member in the family. After seeing his this position, family became disturbed about the expenses of the family.  But somehow all the other members, his mother, father and sister begun to work.

It was his sister who fed him and who taken the job to clean his room. She was quite understanding and never entered in the room if he was not hide under the couch or somewhere else. As she knew that if he watched her watching him, it will make him embarrassed, so she always took care. He also heard the family conservations and was hurt deeply once when his father said that they cannot change this big apartment due to him. He thought he can be transferred easily anywhere within box with hole in it. In order to earn the money, the family also let the apartment to be shared by the 3 other persons who upon finding this creature said against it to family members. Listening to all the problems that have been occurring in the family due to him, he decided to kill him. When his family found him dead, the 3 lodgers came and asked what had happened, the father simply asked him to leave the apartment. At this time, family felt relaxed and decided to take off a day from their work to went to a stroll.It was a long time as they cannot leave an apartment alone.

Later they found that this incident had really turned their animated daughter into the more real one and the time has come to look for the suitable groom for her. It was an Happy ending.

How the man turned into the ant overnight is beyond my imaginations but nonetheless it was a fictional novel and i enjoyed it. This novel changed my way i look towards the ants.

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