Thursday, February 9, 2012

The last kiss

Riya was leaving India in next few days. She was going to get married next year and  settle in Australia for the rest of her life. She works in Accenture in Mumbai. 

Saahil also works in Accenture in the same team as Riya. He liked Riya from the day 1 and Riya also told her the same day about her marriage. Perhaps, Riya  knew  about her magical hazy eyes well and knew their role in making people fall into love with her instantaneously. That is why, she told about her marriage as soon as they met. 

They hang around for 3 months a lot. They become a good friends. Their relation is very submissive, each of them is ready to do anything for anybody. They watch movie together, shop together, roam together, bunk together. In few days, they became habitual of each other. The first thing every day that they do after reaching the office is to call other person and wait for him/her in the canteen for a breakfast. Riya talks about future husbands a lot and Saahil assists her decisions by helping her about what boys think generally. She chattered, dreamed continuously about her future life and Saahil listens like a dumb person. 

Finally, a day had came for Riya to leave his hometown to Dehradun for her marriage. She invited Saahil for her marriage but both of them knew that Saahil will not come. They meet for the last time in the office canteen. Saahil forced her to drop to her hostel in his car. She at first resisted but later agreed. 

Saahil- I never asked you anything in my life.
Riya- Yes, I Know.
Saahil- Neither any foolish formality like gifts exchange takes place between us.
Riya- Because we are very mature people.
Saahil- I want to kiss you so that I can remember you always. I know you are going to get married in next few days. Please don’t say no to me. I really want to make a personnel contact with you so that I can remember you always.
Riya-  Are you crazy? What purpose doe……..

Saahil interrupted and kissed. That was one of the most beautiful kiss of their life without any lust and full of love. For the rest of journey none of them spoke to each other. 

Both Saahil and Riya are happily married today but not with each other.
They have not talked to each other after that romantic evening but each of them blushes on the thought of that incident.

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Unknown said...

Nice one but heart breaking :(
But I feel the girl was heartless, she could have married the guy who she knows so well, why to unnecessary make the situation sentimental and ambiguous..

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