Friday, March 2, 2012

How to deal with Bigmouthed people?

How many of you are happened to be the victim of free advice given by those who doing except talking. Such species are present at every corner of the world especially in India. How hard you can try but you cannot escape from them. I wonder from where such nincompoop appears and what is their purpose of life. 

The things that irritates me the most is when you are busy doing something and somebody obstruct you in between and say, Do it this way. I keep nodding without giving any attention to them and praying for them. Many times, people give you advice just for the sake of talking and to let you know that they also have opinion about this, however, they also knew about the pathetic piece of advice given by them.

“Have I asked you”, is the most common reply given by the short tempered people. The irony is that even such questions didn’t stop them and they began to give excuses like I am trying to help you.

Let me tell you the best way to deal with such blabby personalities. As soon as they start talking, just tell them that their mouth is smelling. They appearance suddenly changed to very innocent person and they say they have wash their mouth in the morning and don’t know from why this bad odour is coming and you are done. Still, if someone is not stop, tell them their teeth are looking yellow. They will suddenly close their mouth and try to clean their teeth using their tongue and forgot about what they came to talk. I am sure they will ask you to excuse them in a moment.

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