Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Learnings of a Travelling Bag

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Some travelling tips, I would like to share with all of you as per as my recent experiences. Although, you will get lot of tips on web but these tips are bit different and shared to enhance the travelling experiences and apply to those only who are real travel freaks and who does not believe on planning and booking the things in advance but start without any preparation with not so big budget. And yes that is obvious one cannot follow such carefree attitude at all the places.

·         Never land anywhere after 7, 8 pm because you have to bargain very hard for accommodation then.  At such hour, you are in hurry to get the room so as not to waste the night and this is what the people take advantage of. We once went to Alibaugh at 11pm, everything was closed and we ourselves are not comfortable enough to look for a cheap cottage. We finalized the one quickly and ended up in paying extra money which we have saved if landed 2, 3 hours before.

·         Take risks and make mistakes because at the end of the day, everything would be fine. Go on wrong routes deliberately and enjoy these risks to the fullest.

·         Try to spend more time at less places than to spend less time at more placesรจ keep it inch wide and mile deep rather than mile wide and inch deep for the better understanding of the place and culture.

·         Break your journey: If your journey is more than 7, 8 hours at a stretch, you can always have the option of splitting the journey and cover more parts provided there are more tourist spots nearby. When we went to Goa from Mumbai, we stayed at Ratnagiri for 1 night which is a very good place and break our 9 hour long journey into 6 and 3. In this way, travelling is much more stress free and rewarding at the same time.

·         Concentrate less on photographs and more on experience:  This is personnel view because some people travel exclusively for capturing some amazing photographs. But some people even I had travelled with them never switch off their camera. It is good if you are capturing some statue or landscape or beaches but there is no point in posing yourself again and again in front of them and then asking people, please take 1 picture.

·         Prefer small group that cannot be sub grouped to avoid the conflict of ideas at small little things and also to avoid stress. When the group is small, you always have the options of saving a lot of unnecessary time wasting activities like follow ups, waiting and calling each other asking where are you, when you will come and so on. Believe me, so much time is saved in smaller groups. In large groups, even when you eat and drink at a Restaurant, it takes a hell lot of time.

·         Travel in Local buses or local vehicles there rather than your personnel car or radio taxi to enhance your experience and knowledge about the culture of the place.

·         Log off your mobile and facebook accounts to enjoy better instead of sharing every place you visit at facebook and then expecting comments.


Anil S M Ingle said...

very poured your personal experience here.

Anonymous said...

All above experienced n followed but yet a good reminder nonetheless..
I would like 2 add- arrive by 5, check in and spend the evening exploring the city night life, instead of relaxing in d hotel rooms.. The rustic/different experience lasts a lifetime. And if possible, try talking 2 hotels b4 u arrive thr, if its a planned trip. Lastly, talk 2 ur friends 4 their prior experiences n references..
Kip up d good work!!

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