Monday, June 3, 2013

Advice/Appeal to 2 wheelers riders

Every day while going to office, I see a lot of people commuting to office on 2 wheelers with their lunch box hanging on the handle. It is my sincere request to them that please avoid holding anything on the handle as it is a huge threat and can cause some really serious accident. 

6 months back, I was also doing the same and while turning my bike, TVS Apache RTR 160cc,  lunch box got stuck in between the handle and the Bike front area (Don’t know what it is called but I think one can imagine it easily) and as a result of which, I fell down with my right elbow directly hitting the ground. It was so serious that I had undergone a surgery with 4 screws inserted in my right elbow. I am facing the problem till date as I am not able to straighten my hand in spite of regular and vigorous physiotherapy sessions that I am taking from last 5 months. 

Whenever I see someone doing like this, I am not able to control myself but to approach the person and let him know the associated risk in driving like this and in return, another person thanks me but I often think that the other person is not taking it seriously. Let it be, my job is to make them aware.

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