Saturday, November 23, 2013

Book Review: Bankerupt by Ravi Subramanian

First of all, I would like to thanks Thinkwhynot group for sending me another book to review. I am delighted to share my honest opinion about the book.
This novel will take you to a roller coaster ride full of suspense and excitement marked by the abrupt changes of circumstances and events. Once started, reader will be glued to it like anything due to uncanny ability of the author and his amazing crafting abilities. Story moves very fast and at no pint of time, one can feel that story is dragged. The best thing is that the chapters are kept very short about 3-4 pages and the plot keep switching itself among the 3 parallel sections. Also, I must say that Ravi is a great storyteller and with his crisp and to the point writing, avoids any confusion among readers about 3 parallel plots. 

Here is advertisement of this novel to give you a feel of this adrenalin-packed novel.

First section is about the Cirisha Narayanan who is very hardworking, ideal and epitome of perfection and honesty. If you watch Hindi movies, you can assume her the actress of the movie "Damini."She values her self esteem and integrity more than anything else in life and even threaten his husband to expose him in front of police for all his frauds to grow quickly. This is the biggest section and the other 2 sections also converges here in the end.

Section 2 talks about the Aditya Raisinghania, husband of the Cirisha, who is a high-flying corrupt banker, too much ambitious who loves risks. Using his knowledge and contacts, he sets up a scam to help his career, however, when caught, he was fired by the bank. When he was accused of the Murder of his wife as they have some serious arguments last night before the murder, he has no option but to uncover the real culprits who were very powerful and gradually killing all the evidences and people. The guilt of last interaction with his wife makes him a reformed person and when he comes out of Jail after accepting him involvement in scams, he rejected the banking career and opt for the career in police with the people whom he helped to unleash the real culprits before going to jail and accepting his crime.

Section 3 talks about Narayanan, father of Cirisha, who is a shrewd businessman, dreams of becoming the rich and thus employ immoral practices as advised by his son-in-law without the knowledge of his daughter.

 The beauty of this masterpiece is that story progresses in such a way that all the parallel plots began to converge at the end and the ending is the most unexpected. The story will take you to lot of turns and twists like you are travelling in some hill station.

Overall, i feel it is very good read and everyone should read it.

Believe me , as soon as you pick up this novel, it would be very difficult to suspend it. The problem with me was that I started it on Monday after coming to office and thus have to stop 2 times in between and finally completed it on Wednesday morning before going to office. It is a an easy read that you can carry in trains, buses, flights and i don't think it will take more than 5-6 hours to complete. You can plan it accordingly.
Looking forward to read other works of this John Grisham of Banking Industry.

Anybody who wants to read this book can share his address to courier this book in the comments section on my blog. Please do not mail me and the first one to share his address in the comment section will get the book. As I have also received it, so I thin it is better to give away this book to encourage reading as habit.


yash said...

send me...n after long i read ur blog a excitement, i shld must read tht book...gud one little blogger

Unknown said...

Yash sahab. Please send me the address to courier. I will ship it on Monday.

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