Thursday, October 8, 2015

Dubai Diaries 3 - Amazing Tanoura Dance (Egyptian Folk Dance) in Marina Cruise

Dhow Cruises are very famous in Dubai and they are one of things to do do without which your Dubai trip can't be said completed.

In Dubai, there are 2 places that offers Dhow cruise experience: Creek and Dubai Marina. Generally, tourists have dont much time and they prefer to choose one. Also, Cruise at Dubai maria is not very famous and it is also expensive as compared to cruise at creek. But it is far far better and I advised tourists to go for cruise at Dubai Marina. I was in Dubai for long time and have tried both. I am saying this out of my experience that you prefer Dubai Marina cruise and if you want to see Dubai creek also, use the common boat which is almost free ( 1 dheerham ) and used by the local people to commute but reserved your evening cruise in Marina only. Local boats are not available in Dubai Marina.

The one thing 1 can say that you can try groupon that generally offers very cheap tickets for various site seeings like Desert safari, Burj khalifa fast access ticket and cruises. 

Also, while most of the cruises that run in Dubai Marina are kind of luxurious and very expensive, there are very few Dhow cruises also. And those cruises offer very good entertainment and food as compared to cruises in Creek.
Dubai Marina is the world’s largest man-made wharf or dock. It is an entire community of world class expensive hotels and sky scrapers beautifully built architecturally  different shapes which is treat to eyes along an artificial canal carved along a 3 km stretch of Persian Gulf shoreline.
As we boarded our cruise, initially we were welcomed by juice and dates and then this famous Dance show was organized before dinner. You will see this Tanoura everywhere in Dubai in desert safari packages, hotel dinner packages everywhere and Everytime you will see it, you will be amazed only and left wanting for more. You will really appreciate the dance. Sharing the recording done by my wife in her phone, not any professional video but decent enough to give you idea.

Hope you have enjoyed the Dance. 
This tour was organized by ALpha tours, one of famous operator but instead of booking directly, you can check their deals at groupon also.

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