Saturday, December 3, 2011

Placement time -Part-1

Placement tine had finally come. I had begun to feel that my journey in college is almost over. I had not write a post from long time, did not read something from a long time. It doesn't mean that I am doing very hard work for my placements but it is something always on the mind.

What will the HR ask?
Would they recruit me?
What happens if I didn’t get placed and so on?
Will I get a job of my choice?
Will i get a competitive package?
What my friends will think if I didn’t make it to a good company?
Would people think me dumb?

Such questions are really common and it is very hard to get rid of them.

 But life is beyond getting placement. Sometimes, we hide the things from our friends in such an environment and didn't help them thinking they are the one with  whom we compete. There are different arguments and perspectives to support this kind of thinking and everyone is entitled. Is this the competition? Competition is supposed to help us or create the divide. But, recently, i read a speech shared by someone on facebook and i was deeply effected by it. It says there are 4 balls in life. They are Health, Friends, Work, Family and we keep on juggling them. Work ball is made up of rubber and bounce back if fall but the rest 3 balls are made of glass, they get broken once missed. Just think accordingly and decide your priorities. I always prefer commitment over competency.

Everybody just talks about the placements everywhere. It is bit difficult to maintain your calm in such an atmosphere. First of all, i would like to make a point is that everything that happen happens for a good reason. If any company is not recruiting you, it is for your benefit. There is no point in getting selected in the company whose level does not match with ours. What happened if we didn't perform there, we will be sack there and let them decide. Interviews are for checking the compatibility. For example, before getting married both interact a lot to check the compatibility. There is no point in getting what you didn't deserved because in that case it will not last for long.

Just believe on yourself.



Anonymous said...

Good one ya.. :) i agree with most part of it!

Unknown said...

Thanks divenita

NIlesh said...

Cool Post buddy.... But I think PART II is still missing... when r u goin to pen down ur thoughts in later part of the placement process...

Khushiya batane se to badati hai na dost :)

Simple and superb writing mate...

Unknown said...

Thanks Nilesh for appreciating.

Hmm, I will certainly pen down part-2. Just wait and watch

Manoj Nolkha said...

Nice ......Best part was the example of 4 balls as well as comparison of recruiter company with the girl (you are interacting for marriage)...really innovative & motivating too....

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