Saturday, July 21, 2012

Some points to remember to have a happy life

It is not that I am claiming myself some guru or what but believe me in these challenging times, keeping in mind the following points will definitely help.

There are not my original points but sort of compilations of different talks and speeches I have came across and which i modeled as per as my convenience. Coming back to these points is what I do when i feel low. 
  1. You cannot change anybody but yourself. Instead of complaining about anything or everything, you can work upon yourself to always maintain your calm simply because you cannot change anybody else but definitely work on yourself.  
  2. Always have the attitude of gratitude and feel blessed for all what we have instead of complaining about what we don't. Always remember there are millions of people who dream of living our life. If you are still not convinced, have a look on handicapped people around us and thank god. You must have heard a quote, "I always complain about my old shoes unless I saw the person without legs." Courtesy- Anonymous
  3. Never complain instead confront problems with smile because only our reaction is under our control and not everything.
  4. This world is very friendly place to live and god want all of us to do the best in our lives. 
  5. Trust people openly no matter how many times you are hurt because  Out of every 10 cases, you will get a person for life in 7 cases and may feel hurt 3 times. Everybody is like us and nobody really wants to hurt anybody. It is just the circumstances which make people do such things. Sometimes, we also hurt others. 
  6.  Appreciate nature. For me, nature is a biggest source of inspiration for me. Feel the wind, plants, waterfalls, tress, everything around us and you will be amazed to think that we take so many things for granted. Sun, Trees gives their heat, light and shade to everyone without any prejudice and as well with detachment. Such should be the nature of the mankind. 
  7. Don't think too much. Just believe in your capabilities. Try to live in present. When life is not getting your way, always think that life has some better plan for you and which is of course better that your path as it is planned by god itself.  
  8. Try to take care of your health because in order to live a life fully, you must possess good health.


Anil said...

Congratulations on your todays' post. I have popped in to read a good
number of your blogs. I must tell you how good you are at describing the stuff you are at. Keep up the good work!

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot for your valuable time.

I must say that this blog is blessed to have your comment. Keep reading and motivating.

Unknown said...

GREAT points to remember to live a calm life.

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