Thursday, July 19, 2012

Writing after long time

21 June2012

Writing something after long time is not an easy task especially when you are working. In college, I wrote so many blogs with average of 8 blogs every month but after college ended in April,2012, not a single  blog was written. It was not that I am not having time but it is because after college so many changes had taken place in my life that every time, I plan to write something, the idea of sharing so many things discourages me and as a result, I ended up in some other activity. 

I got engaged with Chhavi Aggarwal, one of my classmates in school on 17th April. Please don’t confuse it with a love marriage, the question many people asks when they came to know we are from the same class. I always told them, if I knew her so closely in school as I know her now, I will definitely be fall into love with her. She is beyond my imaginations and I am very lucky to have her as my wife. 

My joining in corporate was from 21st May in Bangalore. We made the best use of 1 month and met around 13, 14 times. We went everywhere in Saharanpur we thought of going before I left my home for job.
Today, I reminisced how difficult it was for me to leave on 18th May . Holding her hand first time, proposing her, giving red roses to her,  saying ‘darling’ to her first time are the moments very closed to my heart and now sleeping at night without listening to her voice became impossible. I am not writing this post to impress her or something like that but just to warm up myself before I return to my blog in a full-fledged manner.
Besides this, presently I am in Hyderabad. Last 1 month is sort of transition and I felt like I am in a travelling job but I enjoyed. Actually after spending 3 weeks in Bangalore which is about Induction, I got the project in Hyderabad. It is only yesterday that I have shifted in my 3 bhk flat which is I am sharing with 2 more guys. Finally, I unpacked my luggage after 1 month and was surprised to see many things which I almost forgot. 

My marriage is planned in November. Besides, there are lot of things like planning Honeymoon, shopping.
I will return to this post as soon as I get the time. Let it be published as saving it again in the draft will serve no purpose and also it lost its meaning after sometime.

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