Friday, January 18, 2013

For my Loving wife

This blog is dedicated to my wife. I love her so much that life seems to be impossible without her now.
Just a random thought came yesterday which prompt me to write about her in my blog.
I was operated on my right elbow 8 days before our marriage and 4 screws were inserted and doctor told that healing time for bone is 6 around 6 months. Somehow, marriage happened with all the functions cut short. Everybody was in a bad mood but let me not distract from the topic by describing about my marriage. This post is about the support which I get from my wife after the marriage.

Going on the honeymoon is the dream of every newlywed couple and similarly, I guess my wife expected the same but due to my injury; she accompanied me to Hospital for physiotherapy every day from the day we get married i.e. last 3 months. Every couple goes to Honeymoon and we are going to hospital. She never said a word and not even felt like it. We always enjoyed within our constraints. When we were in Delhi, every after visiting Hospital, we began our Delhi tour and covered almost all the import monuments and places in Delhi like Delhi Hatt, Lotus temple, Iskcon temple, Red fort, Qutab minar, Jantar mantar, Agarsen ki baoli, Cp market, janpath market. If somebody asks me, why do I get married? My reply would be “to be together.” And that is what we are doing. 

I must say there is magic in her hand. She spends so much time in the Kitchen to surprise me every day with the delicious food. The best thing I like is that she never compromises on a nutritious quality of food. She always makes the healthy food so that my healing will be expedited as much as possible. She always laid emphasis on eating the food in the house only. She massages my feet daily so that I get a good night sleep no matter how hard I object and believe me before marriage I was a kind of insomniac but now I am fine.She is very hardworking, supportive and patient. Whenever I feel low, she cheers me up by her smiling face and always maintaining her calm. She is my strength, motivation to do the best in every area of my life. 

I Love you sweetheart.

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