Thursday, February 28, 2013

Leisure time in Office

Today, I am not having much work in the office as of now, Touchwood. Last few weeks were so much demanding and the stressful that I lost the track of the time. Life becomes so fast, I wake up came to office, went home to sleep. Sometimes, on Monday itself, i become so exhausted that the weekend waits began on the first day of the week.At the same time, I also want to spend quality time with my wife but that was not happening. 

I decided to write something in office today after a long time to unwind myself. Its Thursday and I am waiting desperately for the Friday. The reason being we have planned for Shirdi trip this weekend.  I have already been to Shirdi once couples of year back with my friends but this time trip is planned with my wife and also it would be first of our trip after marriage. Also, from last few months, every ticket I booked in flight or train went in vain due to my injury or the other reason.  I was very scared this time planning for the trip. Perhaps, my luck is not working these days so actually my wife had planned the trip. Let’s see if its actually get executed.  Also, my leaves balances are in negative, around -14 as I had taken lot of leaves due to my hand injury. That is why I am not able to plan my long pending honeymoon. 

BTW, all this is not a problem, as my wife says we have complete life to travel. 

I will write the other post if my plan went green.

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