Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tribute to MY Grandfather Part-1

Well, I believe that probably nobody his reading this blog these days as it had lost its charm it once had when I was in college and wrote regularly. I am not sure if it was good but based on the number of hits, I can evaluate. I love this phase of blog also.

 Everything in this world comes with an expiry and more formally, we call it life cycle. Life cycle consists of 5 phases and the last phase is usually decline. I am not sure if this blog is at the decline stage because gradually as I am shifting my focus more on the internal things rather than external, the posts of this blog are getting bit personnel. So, One of the view can also be that this blog is Rebranding itself and thus in a conceive stage. I am also not looking for people to read it, I am just doing it for myself because today, if I read the posts, I wrote before 2 years, it gives me a high. This is like recording your life high's and low's.
My Grandfather

Today, I would like to write about my Grandfather. The idea is not to dampen your spirit or makes you sad but just to share the story, story of my life, not a story, it is actually a phase or perhaps I am not finding the right word. This post is an instrument through which I am saying to my grandfather that I am very happy, got married also. The best thing we can give to the people who are not with us today is to be happy all the time and live their dreams, carry their values and remember them in our heart. 

Sometimes you realized your strength when it’s too late. The strength here refers to my grandfather and late refers to when he passes away. Don’t worry about the context. This is another purpose of this post apart from digging me deep into it to know myself better. 

Let me start with the moment when my grandfather was admitted in the Tarawati hospital in Saharanpur and struggling to live or perhaps die, didn’t know exactly and I was in the Lucknow in 3rd year of my engineering. It was in February, 2007, I got a call from my mother and she told me to come immediately to Saharanpur. When I asked, she told me all the details without hiding anything. She also told me that when they have asked my grandfather if he wanted to meet somebody. He nodded when they take my name at last. Before that they have taken the name of many of the relatives but he was just lying on the bed without responding. It was when they take my name, he nodded. I think that’s because during his last days, I spend a lot of time with him. He was having some deep wound in his right foot and the recovery was at the slowest pace as he was having diabetes from the very early age. He was not able to walk properly, I used to support him while going for washrooms, at least 3, 4 times a day, also we used to go to hospital every alternate day to get his dressing changed whenever I was at home. And during those days, most of the time, I was at the home. The reason as attendance doesn’t matter in our college and also I don’t enjoyed to be in the college in those days due to all those silly reasons of love and hate. The irony was that I used to ignore him every time, he just wants to talk to me just for 5 minutes and I always deprived him of the conversation. He was the 1st person in the family to know about smoking. He is the gem. He is always full of ego, always in an angry mood, fighting with my grandmother and always asks us so many questions that we used to call him the Dm, Danger man. Everybody knows him by DM except himself, even my grandmother. We always hate present and started loving it when it is changed to past and the intensity of love always increase with time. 
I will share part 2 soon as it is in progress. 


Anil S M Ingle said...

bhai...its bit personal...and you lost..the touch...basically how engross audience...lot of ramayan at the start...cut this out..introduction should be catchy and intense...start writing again in non-formal manner...Sry...for me being a critic... can't help

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot dude for guiding. I really appreciate your valuable time you managed from your busy schedule to read.

I will try to improve.

Unknown said...

But honestly speaking, i am not looking for audience anymore.

Just few my loved ones like you are sufficient.

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