Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday's Magic Moment in office - 2

Tough day!

But the frenzy of travelling to home over this weekend and for 1 full week is what keeping me active.

In the morning, i was very happy with a big smile on my face but by the noon, i was so overloaded that i began to wait for the eod ( end of day). Now, its 7 but there is so much work but hopefully, i guess i will be able to make it to home not later than 10pm. Ya, it happens everyday.

Every busy day at the office is just the exact opposite of everyday spend in the college.

This time, I will be very busy at home. We (Me and CA) have around 5 days and list of to dos is still seems to be in progress. Most important is my little surgery wherein my 1 screw out of 4 in my right elbow will be removed. Doctor told us to get the screw removed after 6months but due to super good healing, my body has started pushing 1 of the screw and thus it is visible. Initially, i was bit scared as the screw become tangible as well as visible. But Doctor told me it is due to the good recovery. The other tasks planned are having lunch/dinner at many of my relatives as it is a custom to invite the newly wed couple to their house.

Hehehe!!!  the ping from someone had bring me back to present.

Just wanted to share an advice which my previous manager shared with me and that too when i was leaving the project that Love your work but never take your work so seriously because overworked is one of the biggest regret of the person in the deathbed. This advice is very common and generally given by the Hero's of our generation, be it newspaper or in television but what i am wondering is that he shared me this advice only when i was out of his project.

I think 2 bottles of Haywards 5000 is a must today and some dose of pink floyd music. Life becomes so monotonous. Also, i have not read any good book after marriage. Looking forward to read 1 good book in next 10 days which i will buy from the Airport tomorrow. Actually, i am not liking this penetration of online book markets and extinction of road side book vendors and this is actually killing my reading habits. Stop. Not that way Rachit. It is not good to blame all this for my decreased reading habits but it is me who is not able to manage the time.

I am also planning to write a blog on what all this injury has taught me and how it actually contributed in making me a better person today.

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