Sunday, March 3, 2013

Tribute to my Grandfather - Part 3

This post is in continuation to my last 2 posts and the last one.



After the holi ended, his end was also quite near. Although his health is improving, his mood was getting worse. I remembered the incident when he tore the 5 rs note. He was like a kid in those days. His activities are not like that of matured man. I once read a poem “The seven ages and it said that the 1st and 7th stages are exactly similar and very few people in this world experience this 7th and last stage. I like his attitude. What happened once in last days that he asked for a pomegranate juice and that was not allowed. My grandmother told him to get him the juice of Mausami. I told her, let him drink pomegranate juice. She agreed and I don’t know why I said this perhaps it was in my subconscious mind that now he can be dead any time. All these things keep happened and the doom day comes, I didn’t remember the exact date. Let me tell you about the day from the very beginning. Night before the black day, I was in the hospital. In the morning, pintoo chacha came and I was asked to leave. Further, I was given certain instructions to purchase so much food from the Sargadho and give it to kodi aashram and also to go to gaushala where the holy cows live to donate some money over there for the grass, diet of the cow. After finishing these things, I went straight to home and slept. It was around 6,7 pm when my mother woke me up informing me, he was no longer among us.

Babaji was the word I used for him. He always asks me to sit in his room while dinner but I talk to him for a while and then went into my room. I was such a pathetic couch potato who didn’t understand the value. He keeps coming into my dreams and still threatens me some times, haha, it was a funny. I think today also, he would come to my dreams and to tell me how I was going on the blog about him, whether to include anything or erase anything. He was such a darling. There are lot of incidents that I remember quite vividly about him. There are also certain events about which today I feel guilty. There were days when I didn’t respect him at all and argues him, totally ignore him but gradually, I started about his way of thinking and emotions as I am growing. May be same would happen to me and even worse, this is life.

He was also the topic when I was drinking with my brother in Fox, Gurgaon. Everybody on our family is so grateful to him. He was the one who decided to switch to job after his retirement as my father died when I was small, he advised my mother to become a teacher. He decided that we both should continue our school It was he who decided to construct the shops in our garden. It was the most difficult of the decision of his life as we all know how much close is the garden to his heart. Efforts never go waste and when the time was come to reap the benefits of his efforts, he passed away. His decisions are so fruitful to us today. He makes us feel proud always. One thing I always learned from him is to live with proud. He was very passionate and once when I went with him to distribute Diwali gifts, somebody told him why do you drink? My Baba simply replied, it was my passion and the people lives for their passion. Those were also the great days when every year I used to go to him to distribute gifts in the morning in chacha’s car Fiat. These memories also keep flashing. Mostly, dhadkan music was played in the car as it was the only cassette in the car. As a result of which, whenever I listen to the songs of this movie, I got lost in my younger days which I spend with my babaji. I like the way my baba and his attitude was respected by everybody.

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