Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Healing power of Surgery - 2

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     4. It also increased my love for my family and relatives many folds. There was a lot of things to do just before the marriage like card distribution, sweets order, so many bookings and what not in any typical Indian marriage. Since I cannot help, he alone has to do it. He was so busy and stressed in those days. Also, my cousins Saransh and Ayush also did a lot of work. All this told me the importance and value of relatives. You cannot walk alone, you always need people to share your joys and sorrows. Everybody helped me to deal with it but it is my wife who knows it all after marriage. She knew sometimes I felt so low due to it. Her emotional support was tremendous and perhaps greater than any other power.

5.   It taught me the self-discipline and patience which are the 2 most important attributes to be happy according to me. I had to follow a strict regime everyday comprising of physiotherapy session; exercise 2-3 times at home as told by the doctor, ice pack, medicines on time, healthy diet, fruits. I also realized no matter how hard you try, healing will not be expedited beyond a particular limit. Being patient was the only option. I would like to reiterate my favorite quote which I have already used many times in my blog: Nature never hurries yet everything is accomplished. I adopted the pace of the nature, her secret is patience.

      6. Whenever I think of my surgery, my share of Bad Karmas (deeds) came in front of my eyes. I was able to recall the moments of my life whenever I lied, criticize somebody without any reason and did something which was not right and against my soul. As a result of all this, I forgive everybody in my heart with whom I had issues at some point of my life and released my emotions. I thought life is much bigger than carrying all these small little things of no value in heart. This thing does not matter much. I become much more fully alive than ever before. Somebody has rightly said that Death can teach you about life.

   7.   It accelerated my journey towards my spiritual growth. I had a lot of time at my disposal which allowed me to listen to my inner self. I started reading the Speaking tree section that comes in TOI (Times of India) every day and started loving it. Later, I searched some books on spirituality and found them very interesting and helping too. I also get introduced to Mediation, mindful techniques which however I did not practice.

8.  I once read it somewhere that this world is a very friendly place to live and the universe is conspiring for all of us to do better in our life. It is very deep wisdom. At the time of my marriage, I used to thoughts that the timing of my injury is very wrong, 10 days before my marriage, it will kill the fun element in the marriage and also my marriage photographs will not be that good as I will be captured along with the plaster cast and it reminds me about the injury every time I will look at the photographs. But now, I thought 10 days before the marriage was the best time that the injury can happen. At this point, I successfully unleashed the hidden reasons behind it. If it would after the marriage, somebody got a chance to say that my marriage brings me bad luck or something like that. And if it would happen a long time before my marriage then who would have taken care of me in Hyderabad as my family is in Saharanpur, U.P. and I work in Hyderabad.
Who would have taken me to physiotherapy session every day, who would help me to follow the discipline, who would have drop me to my office every day and who would have given me the emotional support. Thanks to my wife.

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Every thing happens to us have a good motive behind it.

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