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Tiger Spotting/Trip to Jim Corbett National Park - Day 3

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Tiger Spotting/Trip to Jim Corbett National Park - Day 3

Finally, the next day, we woke up early and started again our trip. We were on the same route as yesterday, we asked him to go somewhere else but he said it is the only route. So we traversed it again and were very hopeful. 

Roaming in jungle at those place where probability of Tiger spotting is good

He asked us again and again not to make any noise. Lot of people was watching birds. He told us that there were many migrated birds that can be seen in that season but we were not interested. Actually we were not able to appreciate the bird watching as we hardly had any knowledge about the common birds. We thought this park has the highest number of tigers and the first park where Project Tiger, first initiative of our govt. to save tigers, was launched and still we were not able to spot any tiger. Guide told us lot about the behaviors of tigers. No two tigers generally live near to each other. They have their own large area and when any tiger occupy any new area after fighting with another tiger or due to some other reason, they make a scratches with their big nails in the one of the tree of that area and leave their mark as told by the guide. He showed us many trees with scratches. They were horrible. We at once capture them in our camera and felt good after capturing something different beside the scenic beauty of the jungle. We all were wondering how much of this was true. Was it real or the imagination of the guide, what so ever it was very heart stirring and magnificent. Finally a call, we stopped the car and began to wait there as asked by the guide. We were very excited and view around us was fearsome. On one side, it was little hilly area, in fact uneven area with some elevations and on the other side was a small pond almost hiding itself by the thick bushes and trees. Instead, it was more like a trench filled with rain water. We were waiting there from almost 15 minutes and wondering how the guide came to know about this after analyzing different calls by different animals.

Suddenly, Tiger came from the pond side. We were holding our breaths, our mouths open, watching each other face, nobody is saying anything, it was something hard to believe and like a dream come true. We were amazed to see the size of the tiger. It was very big against those tigers that are found in zoos and circuses. Tiger was very long as compared to the width of our Tata Sumo. It was very beautiful sight and the slow manner in which it walked was really stunning and made us realize why many times people get confused that who is the king of the jungle out of Lion and Tiger. It walked so slowly and fearlessly that it seems they really don’t care about anybody and are the most powerful in the jungle. We had never spotted any other animal walking so fearlessly in that manner.
Now, truly we can appreciate why they are most look after animal in the jungle. We came back to our senses and realized it disappeared in a moment. Really, it was the best experience and we felt that time stopped for the moment and everything become stand still disappeared towards the uneven side seemingly in its own thoughts unaware of us.
Finally, guide broke the silence and asked why we haven’t take photo. We were too frightened and lost in the moment.

 We become very emotional and thanked to our guide and asked his name. He politely replied, Atif.

Finally, we came back to guest house; give the money to our guide. He refused to take extra but somehow we convinced him, had a breakfast with him and returned to Ramnagar. After taking his picture once again, we said goodbye to him and started our way to Corbett fall and Nainital.

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