Saturday, January 18, 2014

Trip to Mruguvani National park : Hyderabad

Recently, I visited Mruguvani National Park on my route back to Hyderabad from ChilkurBalajitemple. We have completed the Darshan and Parikrama at ChilkurBalaji temple by 7:30 and reached here at 8:15am after having our breakfast. 

We, me and my wife, had started really early from our Home at around 5:30 in Kondapur in Activa to Chilkur Balaji. I also came to know that Mruguvni national park also located there so, I thought to visit it also.

This board is at the entry of the park

Let me state some facts about myself before reviewing this place and upset your mood about visiting this place:

  • I am a nature lover, loves travelling and also kept the theme of the blog as Travelogues
  • Understands that travelers are generally not very demanding instead they are flexible
  • Not much is required by any destination to impress the traveler; travelers are impressed by the sheer simplicity and differences of any place

Having said all this, still I would not recommend this place to anyone unless you are a nature lover and serious Bird watcher of very topnotch quality. The point I am trying to make is that do not plan specifically for this park but you can always visit this while coming from ChilkurBalaji. I am sharing some pictures of this park which are really beautiful but can be deceptive also.

The first disappointment was that Park open at 9am which is very late by any measure for such parks.Not only this, as we entered the park, we came to know that most of the forest area is closed by the forest officials and the only area available to walk is even far far less than what is available in any city park in/outside your apartment. To give you an idea, its area is even smaller than public area of Botanical garden of the Hyderabad. 

One can enter in forest area through Safari bus which was not working from last 6 months which we came to know from some of the other enthusiasts roaming in the park. However, when I asked the management about Why Safari bus in not in operation, one old guy gives me different excuse. He told me that driver was on leave that day due to some personnel emergency. They can easily get away with such excuses when they know that same person will not come here again.

Beautiful painting at the entrance of the Museum
After roaming and enjoying the nature for half an hour, we went back to Museum but it was still closed. Watching us standing there, 1 person came and opened the lock. 

Right now, this place is serving the interests of few photographers and bloggers only who love outdoor activities and Bird watching. However, the huge potential of this park to attract the tourists can’t be ignored but this place is very badly managed. When we were leaving at 10 am, I saw some young couples entering in. I bet that this park is not even good for love making.

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