Monday, December 7, 2015

Trip to Udaipur - 4: Visit to Chetak samadhi and some emotional moments

Chetak was the faithful horse of the king of Mewar, Maharana Pratap Singh. In the middle of the Battle of Haldighati, a sword hidden in the trunk of elephant tore through one of Chetak's rear legs and injured it badly. But the Chetak didn’t give up. To save his master life, injured Chetak carried his wounded master on his 3 legs and jumped over a big canal to reach a safer place. 

As soon as the canal was crossed, Chetak collapsed in lap of his master thus saving the life of Maharana pratap singh. 

According to folklores, it was said that during that time Brave Maharaja cried badly taking the dead Chetak in his lap. Today, this place is known as Chetak Samadhi/tomb where Chetak breathed its last in lap of Raja.

The content is not very clear in the above picture. Please read it below:

"Chetak was the beloved and favorite horse of Maharana Pratap. Inspite of being badly wounded in the battle of Haldighati on 18 June 1576, Chetak saved the life of this master by carrying him from Rakt Talai to this place by jumping across a stream where he fell and breathed his last in the lap of his master.
This memorial was built in the memoir of the supreme sacrifice that the loyal Chetak made while saving the life of his master."

We felt very emotional especially at that time when we were listening it by the guide.  

Also, Chetak was disguised as Baby elephant to confuse the elephants in the war by placing an artifical trunk on his face.

There was a very beautiful poem called Chetak ki Veerta which I read on internet. Please click here to read that poem.

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Sunny Tonk said...

Nice Blog it shows how faithful Chetak was.. Even today decendant of Chetak is considered royal horse of Udaypur royal family.

Unknown said...

Hey Thanks Sunny for your precious comment. How are you ? Its been a long time.

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