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Trip to Udaipur 5: Visit to Badshah Bagh and Rakta talai

 We reached Badshah bagh at around 2 pm and it was quite hot. There is no entry fee over there and it will just take 30 minutes for you to see that place. It is surrounded by hills. 
Badshah Bagh enterance
Many people will be surprised and will not like this place as tourist destination along with Rakta talai as nothing much was there. But yes historically, these sites are of great importance. I enjoyed walking and imagining the battle of haldighati and significane of all these places.Mughal were camping at Badshah bagh. It is at this place they were attacked by the Maharana Pratap’ army and were pushed to nearby village known as Khamnor. Hundreds of soldiers were killed and it also rained heavily that day and as a result, soldiers’ blood flowed towards the low lying area forming a pool (talai) of blood (Rakht). And that is why this place later came to known as Rakh talai.  

Inside Badshah Bagh

Badshah Bagh site where Mughals were resting

It was also said there was so much blood flowed over there that it changed the color of the soil to red permanently. Even today, it is slight red in color.

For those who are not able to read the above stuff, below is the content:

"This is the historic site where a fierce battle was fought on 18 June 1576 between the forces of Mughal emperor Akbar and Maharana pratap. Hundreds of soldier from both the sides were killed and so much blood was shed here that a pool of blood was formed. Thereafter this place came to be known as rakt talai (the pond of Blood) "

Apart from this, there were also monuments erected in honor of Gwalior who supported the Maharana Pratap in his battle against Mughals. During the battle, Maharana Pratap was injured along with his horse and managed to escape the sight to a safer place and at the same time passing the royal crown to one of the loyal soldier, Jhala Maan, who died fighting with Mughals and making them believed that they are fighting with Maharana Pratap.
All these places Rakh talai, Badshahi bagh, haldighati, Maharana pratap’s Museum and Chetak’s tomb are near to each other and you can actually imagine how the war happened and the significance of all these places. It was a great feeling to know about Maharana Pratap who is still alive in the hearts of local people and the glory of this place.
Also, Maharana Pratap belonged to the Sisodia clan of rajputs. At once, I recalled one of my friend Gagan deep sisodia in college who was also very brave and known for his valor at least in our college. Today, I understood.

It was quite hot durig that time at Badsha bagh and Rakta talai

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