Wednesday, May 25, 2011


How many times it happen with you that you are not in a good mood and some old friend ping you and started talking in a sarcastic way? DO you lose your temper?
It happened with me many times but I never lose my temper but today evening I don’t know what happened to me. 

I started comprehending his questions in my own manner and  started throwing comments which are years old. The other guy also becomes hot and now, I have crossed almost all the limits. I replied to him in a very harsh manner try to show him that unlike him, I have lots of pending things to do. I started chatting so fast that I even forgot to read his messages and typed so many things which I wasn’t supposed to say. Actually, I was quite busy and the other friend  just pinged me to pass his time. I was not at all in a mood to listen. It was his 3rd ping in a day. 

After a lot of thoughts, I replied to his chat and against my expectations,  the conservation took very unexpected turn. At last, I said sorry and said I was very busy and lot of pressure and all and was not at all in a mood to chat. He said OK. This way our conversation came to an end. I was really busy. But from last 1 hour, I was not able to do anything in spite of lot of pending work and deadlines, I am just thinking and feeling bad about the conversation.

I am on my summer assignment with one of the organization and it will complete on 3rd June. Only 1 week is left. I have to make the reports, ppts and give presentation to the higher management. 

Now, as I cool down and take a bath, I feel if I talk to him nicely for 5 minutes, then I can easily continue my work. This way, in order to save minutes, I have wasted hours. And also, I have disturb his mood also. Now, I was too shy to start a conversation although he is online. Sometimes, you do things which you don’t want to do at all but at the moment, lost your temperament. 

Suddenly, i remember 2 quotes, never hesitate to say sorry and forgiveness is the biggest attribute. Hope so. Small things can make a difference, never take anything in granted.
After writing this post, I felt bit relief. 

Hey, look, I didn’t meant all that. I am really sorry. Hope you understand.


Dhanya said...

very nice .. our freinds have an amazing ability to poke us on the wrong time to give their dose of sarcasm and troubles ..

Unknown said...

Hey thanks for comment!! exactly.

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