Monday, May 23, 2011

A different relation

We share a different relations with different persons. One such relation that come to mind is the relation in which two people talk only two times in a year and that is during the birthdays of each other. Isn’t a beautiful relation?

I share this relation with many people.  Nobody talks anything about the irritating things like you don’t call me from so long and so on. There are many more untold agreements in such a relation. Each person understand that the other is busy in their own life.

If you are thinking that such relations are formal or are cold, I would say these are the relations which are not at all formal but real. Tell me , how many times you have wished a birthday to a person you didn’t want to, that is a formality. 

Such relations are very intimate and built on understanding. Whenever one person needs any favor, he called other person directly without any hesitation. 

Thanks to all those with whom I share such a relationship. What if we don’t remain in contact with each other throughout the year when we do appreciate each other in our hearts.

I am sure you must have few similar relations.. .......

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