Monday, May 16, 2011

How Engineering college prodigal student convinced his mother for money?

Sunil is in the 3rd Year and  doing his engineering from the KIET, Ghaziabad. He is a prodigal son.  At the start of this session before 2 months, his parents had given him the 10,000/- rs but now nothing is left in his pocket. Infact, he is in a debt of around 1000 bucks , 200 borrowed from the friends, 600 need to given to the canteen and 200 from his girlfriend. He loves watching movies in the malls and eating out with friends and also enjoy going to pub once in a while. His luck is also strong as he always manages the money instead of debt.
This is how a engineering college student convinced her mother to get more money.

“ Hello! Mom, How are you?” Sunil said.
“I am fine beta (son), what about you?” Aunty said.
“I am doing good but actually there is some serious problem.” He said lowering his voice.
“What? Is everything alright?” She screamed.
“Actually, one of my friend is met with an accident and he don’t want to inform his parents.” He said in a regret tone.
“How is he? If the accident is serious, he must inform his parents.” She said breathlessly.
“No, accident is not too serious. There is a crack in the left heel majorly and some scratches near the elbow area. Everything would be fine in next 2 months before he go to home for Diwali.”He said. 

“Still, he should tell his parents.” She grumbled.
“What should I do? He is not listening to me. “ He said angrily.
“Ok, You must take care.” She said nervously.
“But, actually……” he stammered intentionally.
“Yes.” She said.
“He had borrowed  2000 bucks from me and he is saying he will return once he came back from home after Diwali. His conditions don’t allow me to ask for the money before. I am confused.” He said.
“Don’t worry, he will give after Diwali.” She assured him.
“But what should I do now?” He said in a puzzling manner.
“Why?” She said inquisitively.
“Actually, I don’t have much money left in the account.” He said.
“What? Why? Where did you spend? Money doesn’t grow on trees. “ She yelled.
“I know but actually the reasons are different. Let me expain you. 2200 bucks for the 2 months mess bill, 1700 were spend in buying books.” He said in a quite timid manner.
“You were saying you people used notes in place of books in the college.” She said.
“Actually notes are fine for first 2 years but now we have the core subjects. Notes are not sufficient. We are learning the real stuff now. In 1st year, all the branches have same syllabus. So, we also share books and get the same from seniors. But as in 3rd year, each branch has specialized subject and seniors don’t usually share their books because they prepare for IES, IAS and gate exams. And, as I was also planning to give these exams, so I think it would be better to buy the books.” He explained.
“Okay”. She said.
“Snacks are not included in the canteen, so we usually eat outside in the evening, around 30 bucks each day totaled to 2000. “ He said.
“Okay”. She said.
“2000 , I had given to my friend. That is how where my 8000 bucks went.”.He said
“Okay”. She said feeling bored.
“ About remaining 2000, as I promised you to eat  fruits and drink milk every day, that also costs me around 20,25 every day. Besides, Dhobhi (Laundryman) has also increased the cost of every piece of cloth to 4 bucks. Moreover, there is lot of money went in Xerox every day. Also, there was some problem in my computer, it take around 300 to rectify that. Not only this, 1 picture in a month is acceptable. I also want to relax from this stress free life. Also, on Saturdays, mess remain closed, so we had to go out for dinner. “ He said manipulatively.
“Okay, Okay, Ok”. She yelled again.
“Also, as the placements are near, so I have subscribe to 2 newspaper. Also, I have to spend some money on my cell also as you have instructed me to call to all the relatives from time to time. And soap, oil, deodorant, all these things I have not included.” He boasted.
“Okay, how much should I transfer?”. She asked.
“You always think me wrong. I spend with utmost care but I don’t know. Send me  the appropriate amount according to you so that I will not  require the money for next 2 months before diwali.” He said 
“Ok, 6000.” She said.
“Yaar, Our seniors are saying to subscribe to magazines also. And as I am gaining weight and all my friends had joined GYM, so I also want to join it. “ He said.
“Tell na.” She asked again.
“Okay, 8000. No, you transfer 7000,  that would be sufficient.  No, 8000 is okay as I also have to reserve the ticket to home for Diwali.” He said in a befuddled manner.
“Okay!!”. She confirmed.
“We had class after 5 minutes. I will call you later. Networks are not proper here. Bye “. Excitedly, he said.

“Hello! Hello! She hung”. She said to herself. She realized his son was lying about many things but still sons are sons, she smiled at his own and at herself.


Shubham Jain said...

Hahahaha. Now, i came to know the secret of your lifestyle in lucknow.
This is the case with every aiyaash engineering college student.
It is a True IET post reminds me of my Bankrupt days in engineering college.

Unknown said...

Haha, i think you had not face the bankruptcy days as much we have seen. You were our financier in those days.

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