Friday, December 27, 2013

Skywatch Friday - Tungabhadra Dam, Hospet, India

This is my second entry in Skywatch Friday and I am really delighted to be the part of this as it

gives me the opportunity to see the beautiful skies across the World.

This picture is taken at Tungabhadra Dam.

To see the beautiful Skies around the world, visit Sky Watch Friday.


Indrani said...

Nice compositions. These are great entries.

(Please remove the word verification, please!)

Jim said...

Great shot. Great fence.

Unknown said...

Thanks Indrani for your precious time.

Also, I have removed the word verification. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Welcome to my blog !!

Unknown said...

Thanks a Lot Jim. Welcome to my blog.

Laura said...

Oh how exquisite!! Wishing you a very happy New Year:-)

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot Laura.

I really appreciate your precious time.

Welcome to my blog!

Hey, Wish you a Happy new year.

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