Sunday, February 9, 2014

A walk to remember - Post 2 :Auroville Visitors Centre(VC) to MatriMandir

1km Nature' walk from VC to MatriMandir

Auroville, pronounced as Aurovi, is an experimental township founded by Mirra Alfassa commonly known as Mother. This is not a tourist place actually; however, this place attracts a lot of tourists. I will cover what it is all about in another post. This post is about the advice for the common visitors. 

If you happen to visit this place, First of all you have to report to Auroville Visitors centre to collect your free pass to visit MatriMandir. Here you will be shown 1 short video of 10 minutes to educate you about the Auroville, its aims, objectives and instructions and directions to be followed in Auroville.

After collecting your passes, you have to walk to MatriMandir viewing point which is about 1 km long Nature's walk, from the visitor centre. There are shuttle buses also available free of cost but I would recommend you to walk down the path to reach Auroville. 

Not because it is simply a nature walk full of greenery but because you will encounter lot of wisdom in form of boards on your path to inculcate in your daily life. 

Nature's walk

This is not 100 year Banyan tree that is referred commonly in Auroville but another Tree with its peculiar feature of aerial roots which means their roots are above the ground and grow from branches towards the ground and become new trunks. This Romantic gesture caught my eyes immediately.

The path is really beautiful. One can hear the chirping of birds and rustling of leaves and realized that how the sound of his/her footsteps is becoming a hindrance in enjoying the true silence. 

If you are one of those who admire nature, which is obvious because that is why you are here, you will find this walk full of the learning’s/lesions that we can take from nature. 

Mother, the founder of this paradise, gave a name of spiritual significance to over 800 flowers and each quality of soul/being is therefore also symbolized by a flower.

Not only this, you will also spot  the more than 100 years old solitary Banyan tree which is considered quite sacred in India and also is the geographical centre of this place and holds a special significance in Auroville.

I would say that if you opt for a bus, then you have missed a piece of this place. Even if you happen to reach at this place in the afternoon, use walker’ path only and I am sure it will cool you to down.

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Indrani said...

A great virtual tour.

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Thanks Indrani for your comment.

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