Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Fisherman of India - Roadside stories 2

This post is about the short journey of local fisherman of Mahabalipuram from the time, he has spotted the horse crab trying to hide itself in the sand till he had caught it successfully. The whole thing took 5, 6 minutes for it. It was his bread and butter.

Trying hard to remove the sand very quickly so that C does not went too deep

Note: The Horseshoe Crab does not really give the impression of crab at all. And also, it even does not give the impression of Horse or shoe. Identifying the origin of its name may be a challenge. But as we know, Horseshoe is a crab that looks more like a brother/sister of spiders strangely. The only attribute its shares along with the Crab family is that it lives near the sea in shallow waters with sandy bottoms. Also, due to its scary look, it can be quite intimidating for you to hold it but it is non poisonous.

Winner. He is holding the Horseshoe crab but due to my poor photography skills, it is camouflaged.

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Indrani said...

A tough life, it is interesting to watch. Hope he got a good catch.

Unknown said...

Thanks Indrani. Yes, see the last picture, he is holding the horseshoe crab.

Bhushavali said...

Wow. That's a heartening story! Survival of the fittest!!!
Would have loved to see a close up shot of the crab!
Thanks for you comment on my blog Rachit! Do visit often! :)

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot Bhushavali for visiting my blog.

Yes, even I realized that later i have not taken the closeup shot of the crab, may be because I am still learning and aspiring to be a good blogger as well as photographer.

Supreeth said...

Nice one....thanks for sharing. These crabs end up in the market.

I had tried this many times in my childhood, but have failed always :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Supreeth. Yes,Brave you who think of catching this scary crab..

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