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Restaurants/Eateries in Hampi

There are lots of good restaurants in Hampi. We explored restaurants in Hampi at Temple side as well as across river side. Let me share the list. The best part is that all the restaurants which are on temple side are located in Hampi bazaar which is very small and thus you can easily explore all the restaurants. I am not at all a foodie and did not like to explore the restaurants much but In Hampi, I think the foodie inside me wake up from deep slumbers. Also, low bedding is available almost in all the restaurants.

Temple side Restaurants

Tom And Jerry: It was one of the best restaurant in Hampi. Ambience was super cool. Light mediational music was played and it always remains full. You can see lot of foreigners playing chess and having discussions. Also, food was also great. It is known for Israeli food like falafel, hummus, Bruschetta. Apart from it, North Indian food is also good. I highly recommend this place.

Tom & Jerry

Chill out: The sitting area of this place was visible from our guest house and it was very nice. Ambiance was very lively. It is famous for its drinks and soups along with Pizza and Pasta. It is also a laidback place where you can spend 2, 3 hours reading novels, playing cards and drinking coffee. It was just in front of our room at 1st floor and thus we wake up to the sound of soothing music it plays in the morning. You will find here lot of people during morning hours for breakfast.

Chill out

Mango tree: Sometime back this restaurant was situated across river and was quite a hit but now it has been relocated to temple side and also lost its popularity. I found the ambiance quite dull although the food was great. Again, all the restaurants in Hampi serve good Israeli food as this place is quite famous among Israelis. Low bedding was comfortable because you can open your legs after sometime, there is a provision under table unlike other places.

Mango Tree

Venkateswara: It is a very small restaurant with only 4 tables and ambiance is simple but the food is ultimate. Although the preparation time is long, but the food served here is tasty, healthy and fresh. When we ordered omlette, we saw 1 guy bringing eggs and bread from outside. We also ordered poori aloo and it takes around 45 minutes but it was very tasty. Masala tea is a must have. Menu is small comprising of south Indian food, omlette and Poori aloo and some sandwiches.

Across river


On our way to Goan Corner.

The Goan Corner: This restaurant lies at one of the secluded corner of the Hampi and the attitude here is quite laidback. The beauty of this place is the terrific views of paddy fields that it provides. We ordered pasta here and were satisfied. The only thing that disappoints me was that when we entered in the restaurant, probably, there was no electricity and hence no music was playing here unlike other restaurants of Hampi where you find meditational instrumental music going on all day. Also, since I don’t like dogs, so pet dogs of owner approaching me is actually quite irritating for me. Although some people were really playing with dogs but it didn’t impress me. It is a place where you feel foreigner in India.

At this point, we were confident that we are going right. Some flags opposite tells us Goan Corner is near

This place is for those who love nature

Returning from Gaon Corner

Laughing Buddha: This is the best restaurant across river. It is also situated out of the way but it is well known and you can easily trace it. This place offers splendid views of Tungabhadra River along with Hampi tower. This place will appeal you better if you want to spend time and not just have food. Not only the food was tasty, even the flute music played there was fantastic. Imagine sitting and watching the river listening to flute music isn’t it relaxing. This place has perfect setting for contemplation and introspection. I would recommend this place if you have some 3, 4 hours at your disposal. Food is great.

We drink to this view

Our sitting area

Gauthami: This place is along the main road. Food and juices are good. This place was very clean and also quite big but Food is not that great but you can definitely try some mint fresh fruit juices.


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