Monday, August 1, 2011

Awesome: Awful or Awesome

Nandini had just came back from the movie with her friends. I came to know this from her recently uploaded status on Facebook. I commented asking about the reviews of the movie. She replied, ‘Awesome.’
On facebook, I asked one of the my friend about the experiencing of watching the live cricket match. He just replied,’ Awesomely awesome.’
I was just browsing through the pictures of one of my friends on facebook. Hardly there was any snap in which the word ‘Awesome’ had not appeared in the comments whether it is a picture of  rain, pizza, soccer match, her favorite actor, her favorite restaurant, her new saree, her new hair style, her office, her new  car, her room. After having a look at around some 100 plus photographs of her, I started becoming irritated and went out for a smoke. I met one of the friend, who was returning from the Sports bar, Strokes. I heard a lot about this bar but never happened to be there. I asked him about it. He replied in 1 word, ‘Awesome.’
I thought Awesome is really a magical world that can be used in every situation, everywhere but at the same time, my hate for this word also grew.

Sometimes, I thought, why this word ‘Awesome’ is so popular in the present era. What made this world so popular.? 
This was one of the useless question asked by the always wandering mind.

Few days back, I uploaded the status in Facebook, how everything from pizza to icecream to next to impossible catch to  superb goal in soccer can be 'Awesome'? Comments came like this, ‘Awesome is simply Awesome’ confusing the already confused mind.
Wherever I go, whatever I look, I always hear the word ‘Awesome’. I realized that I can never escape the travesty of this word but I was so fed up of this word that I decided to delete this word from my dictionary. It is simply not my word.

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