Saturday, August 13, 2011

Raksha Bandhan

Today as  it is Rakshabandhan, I woke up early breaking my schedule of getting up at noon. I remember, last time, I celebrated the Rakshabandhan at home was in 2007.  After that in 2008, I was in Trivandrum for TCS training. Next year, I was in Delhi, however I visit my Bua(Aunty) and cousin sister and so the festival didn’t went unnoticed but still missed my home. In 2010, I was in Mumbai and this time also , I am in Mumbai. However, I receive the Rakhi well advanced in time every year. 

Rakshabandhan is a festival celebrated by all the Indians across the world in which sisters ties the ‘Rakhi’ on the wrist of their brothers and pray for their well being while Brothers take a pledge every time to protect their sister as long as they are alive.  In India, the ambience of every city, every place on this day is very lively and one can see the masses with the numerous colorful Rakhis on their wrist. Some of the people have the Rakhis extending from their wrist  to their biceps, generally those with large no. of sisters.

Picture taken in 2007 at home
 At our home, it is celebrated with exaggerated zeal. I remember, my mother makes the sewia (Jame) on this day and none is offered the breakfast before the ceremony. Just before the ceremony, we post small posters/stickers with cartoons of Rakshabandhan at both sides of every door at our home. I didn’t know the logic but this is the practice followed from generations. After that, we all sit. My sister ,Bhumika, ties a Rakhi to all of us, 3 brothers. After that, she ties Rakhis of our other sisters and aunts (Bua)who are not with us at home but have mail their Rakhi. We give her the gifts. Then she give us the sweets to eat. I am really getting nostalgic about this day. Let me play some of the best songs of this festival from youtube.
After that ceremony, we all have that yummy breakfast. Although, I didn’t like at all the sewia(Jame) but I like everybody relishing the dish. I really miss my sister. Hope, the next time, I would be at home. Today, I am planning to take a bath and then tie all these rakhis at my wrist myself and then a phone call to all my sisters. 

One of the funny thing associated with this festival is that on this day it is observed that attendance of boys is very poor in colleges and schools . It is because this day is a nightmare for those boys whose female friends (promising girlfriend)are looking them as a caring brother and tie  a Rakhi on their wrist. With this, search for promising girlfriend began again. Hahaha.
If some girl don’t want a relation with any boy or any boy is irritating her, she simply ties a Rakhi to him. I still remember the scene in my school when we tried to hide here and there to abstain from girls on this  and 1 day before and after the festival and they look for some of the notorious students. Also, if anybody is tied a knot by any girl, everybody used to make his fun like anything.
Still remember the Slogan, we used to recite during the Rakhi days.
Caution:  Koi bhi Chamakti hui cheez rakhi ho sakti hai !!!!!!!!
(Any shining object can be a Rakhi)


Meera Sundararajan said...

Rakshabandhan is not celebrated in Southern India-a pity really because I think it is that one festival that keeps the bond between brothers and sisters alive all through their lives. Yes, you are right about the poor attendance of boys in college and high school during these days. Why there was a pledge which he had to take while in school " all indians are my brothers and sisters" and everyone would murmur under their breaths - "except one". Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope to see you there more often

Anonymous said...

:) i second Meera.. Raksha Bandhan is not celebrated in South india but in my house, we celebrate most of the festivals. :)

So rakhi is much celebrated! and most of my relatives used to say "are you north indians" why you guys celebratin

for which mom used to say "we are indians, grown up in this part of india"

Loved the way you described. Few errors, i will tell you later but otherwise nice post

loved this line " koi bhi chamakthi cheez rakhi ho sakti hain"

Unknown said...

Thanks Meera and yes welcome to blog.

Thanks Divenita. Would love to hear the errors from you. I really like your spirit of celebrating rakhi in south India. Hats off to you and your mother.

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