Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Art of Cooking

Every day I come back from my office to my 1BHK flat in Kolkata, I saw my kitchen. It is a sort of semi furnished flat. Kitchen has everything from pulses to rice to spices but the tragedy is that I don’t know how to cook. And every day, I ended up in ordering the food from outside. After 4 days, I will reach home hopefully. This time, I am quite determined to learn the basics of cooking from my mother. At least, one should know how to cook rice. Many times, need arose to learn cooking  in my life  but every time, I shirked. But as I started making Maggi myself which tastes even better than what made by my mother, I think I can be a good cook. I added the pepper, ginger, 2 cloves of garlic, chicken masala along with the tastemaker. It is a beautiful recipe which further added the taste to delicious Maggi. When I told my mother about this, she said, self made food always tastes good even  without taste. Quite true, if we do something ourselves wholeheartedly, then it really gives us a satisfaction irrespective of the result. 

I have already made the list about the some of my favorite dishes. I want to learn the working of pressure cooker. I want to know how roti/paratha are prepared, how pulses are made, how can we make the tea without burning our hand, how can we cut the onions without crying. I have already expedite my search on various aspects of cooking. Hope this time, I will able to help my mother in her kitchen and if possible, I will make something special for her. But the problem is that whenever I try to help her, something wrong happen always  and she ended in doing more work.  It must be happened with you too.

At least , I hope she will like the food prepared by me.. 

Let me dedicate these summer holidays of 1 week to this new passion “Art of cooking.”


Anonymous said...

A noble resolution, your mother is one lucky lady, atleast you want to try to help her.You are a thoughtful son.

Unknown said...

Thanks Harivarasanam for complimenting all of us.

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