Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Reading or Watching

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Vulgar T-shirt quotes                     
YESTERDAY, I visited a R city mall in Mumbai. I just went there to have Zinger meal of KFC which I like very much.
I saw a girl with her family wearing a t-shirt with a quote “Red FM 93.5 Bajate raho” right on her breasts. I kept staring and read it again and again unless her family gave me an angry look. Perhaps, they thought me wrong. I was not doing what they were thinking. Cheap mentality is a great problem on this planet. Even, I suffered from this many times.
Sometimes, I thought why girls wear such t-shirts. Is it like they have been gifted by their boyfriends or they really want to get the attention or it is completely accidental.  I have added the accidental part because I really respect girls.
With this thought, I remember few more vulgar quotes that I have read on girls t-shirts .
o o coming soon”  on a child girl. I really thought what a nice was of marketing her assets. Perhaps, Mallika sherawat was her ideal. Her mother also seemed to be inspired from Rakhi sawant.
Real stuff”. I read this in the Eden Garden. She was walking with hand to hand with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend was really a hunk guy with 6ft height.  I resisted from reading again.
Got Milk.” Girl with this t-shirt was really very fat and the quote suits her much.
Did you really look here, only for reading this?” It was long quote and I really struggled to read this. We were walking across each other. I had moved my head to peep what is the exact statement. When I crossed her, she was staring at me in a way like she wants to kill me.
PS: Please change your mentality and don’t  make the boys victim of your cheap mentality. 

Courtesy: Google images


Sumit Guha said...

I have read some of ur posts.. and they are amazingly refreshing and vivid.. hats off...

keep blogging

Unknown said...

Nice post Rachit.Check out this comic, with a similar motif:


Unknown said...

Thanks a lot Sumit for your valuable time and comment.

Unknown said...

Thanks Sarthak.

Hahaha.It is a nice post. Quite humorous.

Adarsh said...

Ladke y u always look at same place where girls put there quote?
Think abt it dirty boy

Unknown said...

@ Adarsh: Natural human tendency. I cant help it.

Thanks for your comment.

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