Monday, June 20, 2011

“Friend after friend departs; who hath not lost a friend? There is no union here of hearts that hath not here its end.”

Title Courtesy: James Montgomery, British poet and Editor

This is an old post saved in my draft section. I forgot to publish it. This post was written on 3rd June. Please read it keeping this in mind. 

Experience, not work experience but general experience does not teach everything. However, it make us mature enough to curb our desires.

I am talking about the experience of departing from your friends. It does not matter how many times you have experienced it, you always feel a pain. 

I will leave Kolkata on 5th June. I was here from 11 April. Although, I was living alone, I really have made few good friends who also lives in the same apartment and work at the same company. They have invited me to their flat for a drink 3,4 times. It was always a wonderful experience. We all really got attached by in just 2 months. Perhaps, their mother tongue is also Hindi and not Bengali may be a reason. We had some very nice experiences in park street. I will miss them all.
But, sometimes I thought, while departing , we make promises with each other and later after  months we restrain from talking to each other. That’s because with time, our priorities changed, we became married, we will have kids but that does at all mean that we have forgot each other.
We should not take these small things in her heart but instead we should always cherished the memories that we have shared in the past.

I tried very hard from meeting one of the old friend in Kolkata from almost 2 months. He keep on delaying.  When I can be lazy sometimes, anybody can be lazy. We should accept that fact.
 And now the time had came for me to go. He recently got married in Jan 2011. I don’t have any grudges against him. May be it is not the will of the GOD that we have not meet.  After all, everything happens for a reason.


Anonymous said...

They invited u 3 -4 times for drink :P is that y you love them so much :P!!

hehehe.. kidding..

But nice post

Unknown said...

Alcohol has the power to change the people from corporate professionals to engineering college friends.

The reason you jokingly mentioned may be one of the several reasons of liking them but then it must be in my subconscious mind.

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