Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Why Happy Birthday, not HB?

I thought of putting this as my status in Facebook but Everyday there is a birthday of one or more of my friends which resisted me from putting this post. Wishing a birthday had became a tiring job when your friends list is huge.

I thought that everything has a short form in this virtual world. So, Why not , happy birthday? Can’t we use HB in place of happy birthday or MMHRD(many many happy returns of the day). I, once tried this approach but the reply was quite sarcastic. This approach didn’t work. Sometimes, Writing 2 simple words is so monotonous that it actually became difficult. 

I also discovered something related to this.

People who wish the person early in the day are usually the one who are active in their day to day activities and believe on getting the work done as early as possible wherever those people who, despite being online all the time,  wish the person just before few moments are left for the end of the day are suffering from the procrastination trauma.

Hope, some software engineer would soon develop  a software using which the birthday message will be sent automatically. 

PS- Don't share it on Facebook. It can effect your relations negatively. 


Unknown said...

I have a very simple approach towards this: don't display your own birth day on SNSs; that way (almost) no one will wish you on your day and, therefore, you'd be spared of the obligation to reciprocate. :-)

Unknown said...

You really have a nice way of dealing with the intricacies of life.
I think i should also do the same and escape from this trivial task.

Ravi said...

Aptly written, however i feel calling/messaging someone early or late on his/her HB depend upon ur bonding with that person :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Ravi for your comment

Alka Gurha said...

Facebook has made it easier by posting reminders.... where are the good old greeting cards? E mails and FB wishes do not convey the same warmth.
Thank You for visiting FREEBIRD.

Anonymous said...

May be you can device a smiley to convey the message. People love smiling faces better than two initials --it could become your trademark , a smiley on ur B day?--that will be Rachit.
Butterflies of time

Sadiya Merchant said...

lol dat was fun!
n i mus say very keen observation abt d wishin early n late part. in fact it got me thinkin of wen i wish ppl.
coincidentally i jus wish d few special ones as early as possibl n i mus tell u it annoyyyyssss me like crazy to c d unwanted ppl'd bday lurkin on d side of my page fr an entire 24 hrs!
i kno i kno ironic y dey shud b on my frn list at all!
cute write up

Unknown said...

@ Alka Gurkha- Thanks a lot. I am fully agree with you, emails and FB wishes have feelings missing in them.

@ Harivarasanam- Thanks buddy. Yes, i think developing a smiley of my own would be better.

@ Sadiya Merchant- Thanks a lot for your time and comment. I think we can stop displaying our birthday and escape from the obligations of wishing them as told by friend in 1st comment.

@all- Welcome to my blog!!

Someone is Special said...

Hmmm, a fun post.. I had already created a software for sending mail on their birthday but later I felt it is utter stupidity because people don't mails instead wishes... So I started wishing them personally with my special mails..

Someone is Special

Unknown said...

@Someone is Special- Thanks a lot for your comment.
For your loved ones, using software is utter stupidity. But I believe if you have really large number of friends and that too out of contact, then software is the good option rather than ending up in not wishing them at all. But you can also say then what is the need of wishing them then? After all, it is not a formality. I agree.

And are you a Computer Science Engineer as you had created a software? Great job. Developing software is beyond my imaginations although i am also a CS Engineer by accident.

BTW, Welcome to my blog!!

Someone is Special said...

Oh.. ok.. I am working in Wipro as a Software Engineer.. In my college days I created this application as one of my mini project.. Thanks for stopping by my blog and reading my miles.. and the post you read are pretty new.. You should stop by some other posts, then you would say, "Romantic Verser", that's how I was known to this world...

Someone is Special

Unknown said...

Thanks you Sis.
The next thing i will do now is to log off to your blog.

Unknown said...

Wishing birthday to someone is not a job to be done with formality.
writing HB is just doing a task for the sake of doing.Its better to wish only the close ones.

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