Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rain Sickness

This post is not at all about how nostalgic rains are or how many of us like to eat Pakoras and chai in the rainy season. Neither it is about how much we love rains in our childhood because of the hope that might be rainy day is declared at school and we get a holiday.
In fact, it is about a rain sickness. 3 days back, I landed in Mumbai and it is raining continuously. For 2, 3 hours, I like it but afterwards came a problems associated with it.
My clothes are smelling hard, laundry person is not willing to return the clothes before a week. Every time, I go out, I need to wash my sandals and legs after I come back. The sound of water dropping on the floor and everywhere around me is very harsh me on my ears.

Not only this, today I spot many of my friends at Medical shop purchasing Moov, Iodex and Volini etc. They told me how badly they were slipped due to continuous water on the stairs. One of My friend Naveen Tiwari is struggling even to go to Bathroom. I feel like laughing but restrict myself. I thought , maybe if I laugh on them, I will also fall on the stairs. Yes, I am from  the place where people are superstitious and irrational and therefore  this habit is also got inculcated in me somehow. Anil Ingle, room partner of Naveen Tiwari, who lives in room adjacent to me, updated a status on the Facebook ”Enjoy Gully Cricket in rain” and half an hour later, his another status was “Redness all over”. When I asked him, he told me, he was attacked by some earth worm and due to sweating, the effect reached all over his body. I had not played the Cricket but enjoyed watching a lot outside my room. Some are slipping continuously, some are blaming rain for their poor performance.

Pic taken at home where rainfall is rare and appreciated
The weather is so humid that there is hardly any time of the day when I am not perspiring. Even the best of Deodorants had stopped working. My room partner Shubham jain checked more than 10 deodorants at a Cosmetics shop before finalizing one. Me and my room partner  had lost 2 umbrellas in just 3 days. People who were looking for the excuse of rainfall to drink alcohol are now waiting when the rainfall will cease and they will go for Boozing.
I am sneezing from the morning continuously. What else a person suffering from sinus can do?
The only good thing is that cigarettes consumption is reduced.

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Unknown said...

Its only in some places in south India where rainy season lasts for long whereas here in north India we people crave for rain:(

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