Sunday, June 5, 2011

A journey from 2 days long party to hangover without sleep

Its 3.16 AM in my laptop. I have my train at 7 in the morning from Sealdah and therefore I have to leave at around 5 am. As we are drinking from last 2 days continuously, I decided not to sleep otherwise I will miss my train. I have missed many important things just because of little more sleep. I am very greedy in terms of sleep. We have promised to lie awake but now, at this moment, we are so drunk that all of them had fallen in sleep. I cannot as I have to leave in next 2 hours. It was a very good experience in Kolkata. I have came to Kolkata first time in my life and because of these friends, I have enjoyed the every bit of my 8 weeks stunt. There is no other option except blogging to pass these 2 hours otherwise I will fall in to sleep. 

One thing I want to make a note of is Akshay’s favorite song is  ‘Tujhe naraz nahi zindagi’ from the movie Masoom and Manoranjan’s ‘Roj Roj aankho tale, ek hi sapna ‘ from the movie Jeeva.
I played this song so many times. Some other songs that I have played today which makes the ambience very sentimental are as follows:

Song Name
Movie/Artist Name
Barsaat ke mausam mein

Tere dar pe sanam

Phir teri kaahani yaad aayi
Mein teri mohabbat mein pagal ho jayunga

Tumhe apna banana ki kasam khayi hai

Ankh hai bhari bhari

TUmse acha kaun hai
Phir haath mein sharaab hai

Pankaj Udhaas

With these songs, there was water in everybody’s eyes. Everybody was appreciating me for playing such a nice song. One of them suggested me to be a DJ but the songs that I play generally are not of that type. Yes, I can be a dJ in any bar for heart-broken people. 

Manoranjan was trying hard to remain awake but just before half an hour, he also fall asleep.

Thanks to Jasdeep, Manoranjan, Sandeeo, Shaishank for making my stay wonderful in Kolkata.


Sandeep said...

Its very nice bro.......
We hv also enjoyed with u///////////

Unknown said...

Thanks Sandeep.

manoranjan biswal said...

u r a darling to me..dear..i enjoyed each & every moment with u...baas khus raho mere bhai..aur kabhi kabhi..iss bhai..ko bhi yaad kar lena.....i will b missing u ..bro.....

Unknown said...

@ Manoranjan Thanks dost: tum se milkar bahut acha laga...i am also missing you a lot. waiting for our next daru party badly..

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