Thursday, November 17, 2011

Type of people one encounter generally in the typical local bar

Distinct species of human being found in Bar

I am not talking about those expensive bars like hardrock café, café Morrison or where the menu is itself a book. Instead, I am referring to small local places which people with higher frequency visits. Their frequency and capacity made it difficult for them to afford such exorbitant places located in the heart of the city. Such people like the places where they can enjoy the alcohol without worrying too much about the money. Crowd does not matter for them. What if girls don’t visit such places? What if the waiter brings your order 10 minutes late. What is a big deal in that. What if toilets are not that clean. You will get the value for the money and end up in saving your too little bank balance. 

Let me describe some of the most interesting people you find often in the bar.

  1. Frustu: Such people are found in abundance. They are good people and blessed with
    Frustu/ Glutton - Anil
    amazing sense of humor. Generally, their desperation towards some things irrespective of living or non living  make them frustu. They crack jokes on them, waiter and everywhere present. They find it hard to say NO to the people and knowingly fall into traps. They are renamed as ‘Liquid’ in this modern day after inspiring from the movie ‘Pyar ka Panchnama.’ You are also one of them or happened to be once in your life if you are reading this post.
  2. Friendly and distracted: These people always look at the other tables, order of other people. When you see them, they respond you with a smile. They will even offer you a cigarette. Such people generally find someone like them and begun to discuss things that mattered to none. They go on taking the phone no. of each other and promised to drink sometime together but next morning, they laugh on their stupidity and none of the party contacts the other one.
  3. Lovers:
    Experienced/Philosopher - Chandan
    Such people generally plays the music at their cell. They prefer silence and generally watched the TV at mute. They also share beautiful and sad Shera shayari few pegs down the line.
  4. Philosophers:They generally talks about the benefit of drinking. They kept on talking and talking and drinking and drinking. They quote second hand quotations and some third class haikus. They enjoy the alcohol to the fullest and pretend that they are they the most happiest persons on the earth. 
  5. Boasters:  Most of the time, such people drink much more than they can digest and ended up indigestion. They are the one who always say things like “yaar, bike mein chalaunga.” They repeat their achievements every time they drank. They are quite redundant in their approach. They always try to make sure that no one drink more than them on the table.
  6.  Experienced: They drink passionately and patiently  enjoying every sip. They make sure about the 3 ‘D’ formula so that the bad effect of alcohol is minimized on their liver. 3 D refers to Delay, Dilute, Diet. This formula is self explanatory. They frequency is quite often but they never drink like a fish.
  7. Beginners:
    They are very skeptical about such places. They stresses on the service and cleanliness of the place. They shoot queries regarding happy hours and all and told by the waiters that there is no such thing here.  They asked the waiters for the recommendations before ordering the food and the waiters (generally of such places) shoots the arrows in the air without knowing anything. Such people, in the beginning, try to speak in English but seeing the response from the other side, came back to their home language.
  8. Glutted one: They generally prefers the food more as compared to drink. With such people, you have to order a lot of snacks as they didn’t leave any dish to last longer and in tune with alcohol by their art of over eating. They are sometimes like pain in the ass for those who experienced and professional drinkers.
  9. Submissive people:
    Submissive - Sanjeev
    They never touch the menu and survive on the same things ordered by their friends. They generally have no particular taste and love everything. Sometimes, this quality disappoint  you and sometimes, you don’t have any problem depending upon your mood.
  10.  All rounder: They play all the above roles and many other left unleashed depending on the company, mood and lot of other factors.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Perception about Beggars

Actually, this post is 2 years old and was getting older in my gmail draft folder. Accidentally, i found it and decided to give a life to it.

Few days back, I was travelling from Greenpark to Anand Vihar with my relatives in their car in Delhi.

We were waiting at one of the Red light when a beggar of age7,8 came near to us and my relatives started closing the windows of the car. I asked them what happened. They started lecturing me about these beggars for next to 5, 10 minutes. I was feeling very angry about the perception of the  beggar by these people but I didn’t said anything. 

They told me that once the beggar tried to stole the mobile car from their car. 

 “Had he stole something from your car?” I enquired. 

“Was he successful?” I asked curiously. 

“No, actually, this incidence happened with one of my friend”. My relative replied looking towards his wife for approval.

“Yes, Yes. Beggar stole the mobile phone and vanished”. His wife said excitedly. 

Courtesy: and google Images
I­­­­­ thought, we Indians have habit of telling everything with more spice and imaginary things added to it. I want to add something but was taken aback by their perception about the beggars. They were reputed doctors. I thought we cannot generalize just because of one or two incidents. Even, I have read about many doctors in the newspaper who were involved in blood bank scandals and many other scandals. Some doctors were known to extend the stay of their patient in the hospital just to make the money, some just delay the treatment in order to make the money. But still, these all incidences does not shake my confidence on the doctors, a bit. It is not about doctors or beggars or profession, it is something related to the ethics of the person. There are cheaters, unethical and corrupt people everywhere but we cannot generalize all based on a few. Just like, we cannot blame the entire Muslim community just because some of the terrorists belong to this community. 

I preferred the rest of journey in silence contemplating about the life of these beggars.

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