Friday, September 30, 2011

Book Give Away

“Book Giveaway” is a recurring process in which I would like to give away the books that loiter in my cupboard. Many of them my favourite but yes! I cannot forget what Chanda Di said “I am giving away a part of me to you. Hope I live with you forever. I do not want our meeting to end here.”
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·     (Restless Fingers)

I came to know about this few days back but honestly speaking, I was little skeptical to give my books to strangers and even when I give it to my friends, I make sure that they would return them as I like the smell of the books, I love to decorate my room with them. I really hate those people who take the book but never read it and then return it after few days. 

Today, I received a book, Self Reliance by the above Blogger who recently started practicing this activity. I was so overwhelmed by it that I am also planning to start this activity in near future. Books are really the best gift but when you give it to somebody and they don’t read it, it hurts. So, I completed this book as early as I can(By analogy of “ Frankness invites frankness”) but this is very insightful and philosophical and I think I need another careful  read to comprehend its meaning in deeper sense. Presently, this book leaves me sort of unsatisfied. Its a thin book just 70 pages long with 2 essays. I think re read will satiate me.  I will be back soon with the review of this book. 

Thanks once again for the book. I really felt gratified. I am also planning for the same. 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Communion with Nature at Zenith falls in Khapoli

After spending a day at Sanjay Gandhi National park after our exams which was a dead duck, I felt hungry and unsatisfied for travelling more . Sanjay Gandhi national part was very beautiful but most of it is closed and one requires special permissions to visit its core part. I didn’t like it much personally because the purpose of this park is perhaps not aligned with my expectations. Kanheri caves in park was okay but was very similar to Elephanta caves, even the Landscapes were similar. We didn’t found anything new. From the top of the caves, one can have a view of the entire Mumbai which provided some relief.

Finally, we plan for the zenith falls at Khapoli next day. One of my friends have recommended me this place. There was no information available on the internet about this place. Neither, I found any blog. Even at most terrific and exhaustive travelling sites which provide good information about every other small place contain little information about this place. I became curious and decided to visit this place. Next day, we hit the road at 9 am. Khapoli is the last station on the Central line that starts from CST. At around 12, we reached Karjat. By now, the journey in locals starts giving pleasure.

From Karjat, I decided to travel the rest of the journey on the door, my favorite place in the trains. As I was watching the mesmerizing landscapes, Glimpses of the movie  “Into the wild” and excerpts of essays on Nature by Ruskin bond Kept coming to my mind. Nature was at its best. I felt myself so ignorant felt like another brick in the wall. I begun to thought that no one can write about the nature unless he feel it and Ruskin Bond, as we all know lives in Mussoorie(Uttar Pradesh) near Landor and his room was amidst the most beautiful picturesque of the Queen of the hills. He described the view from his window in the book “Notes from a small room.” Mussoorie is really very nice place. I remember how every year during my childhood, I used to spend 1 month in Mussoorie. It is just 90 km from my home.

It was a bright sunny morning in Mumbai and I really crib in the morning for the weather being so hot. Now, I thought how badly we treat the nature and environment and this is the reason, we heard about the fury of nature from time to time. Nature can teach you a lesson even in seconds. Standing at the door of the train with your head out was blowing away the cobwebs. Wind along with dust constantly splashing on your face but you didn't mind, eyes remain semi open and your hair moves like you have been given 440watt current. 

After Half an hour, we reached Khapoli. We took an auto to Zenith falls. It was very near and one can go by walk but I was in a hurry. 
We begun our 1km track from here towards the waterfall

Auto person dropped us near the falls form where the 1Km track was going to start. By now, I realized 1 thing it is not at all a tourist spot. No commercialization, No tourists which again gives a good feeling. I was feasting my eyes on the Mountains and numerous waterfalls. 

On our way to Zenith Falls

At Zenith Waterfall
The route to Zenith was very dense. We felt even closer to nature. While trekking, I watched a person drinking the beer sitting topless with brush in his hand and doing some paintings. This is not my area of interest. Yet, I was very much pleased by site. I thought to talk to him but didn’t as I was left far behind by my group. Movement of his body and hand while painting made me feel  that he was working on something critical or on his new masterpiece. He was with his girlfriend who was trying to bath and playing with water. She seemed to be enjoying at her own. I felt intense longing for this site for a moment. Nature is the biggest inspiration for all of us.

Zenith Waterfall
 At waterfall, I  was flabbergasted by its beauty. There was group of local people taking bath over there. First, I felt good that there is not much crowd and no commercialization but gradually I saw them drinking in open and behaving in a manner one shouldn’t supposed to be at the public places. Drinking openly, breaking the bottles on the ground. Now, I felt that this place is not at all controlled. Since there was no commercialization, so there was no police. We took a bath for around 1.5 hr. There was 1 group of that 20 local people and 2,3 couples looking passionate with their DSLR camera but they didn’t took bath.

Nature at its Fury
At 3 we came out, we were feeling refreshed. Nature has taken away all our tiredness and negative energy. Our train was at 4.15, we had lunch and went to railway station. When we board the train, I observed one of the most beautiful site in the world. It was a smile on the face of the children when they were successful in getting window seat in the train. Yes, I also prefer window seats as for me, they are the windows to my inner self and not of the world.  It was 7pm when we reached CST. It was one of the longest track of Locals and more than 100kms long. At CST, we roamed around colaba, gateway, got drunk and then spent some time at Marine drive. At 3 am, we reached our hostel. Overall, it was fruitful day, relished to its maximum. In the process, I also discovered 2 ultimate restaurants over there. One was Bagdadi adjacent to Bademiyaan, very muck like Kareem at Delhi and Tunde at Lucknow and the other one is Gokul in front of the Bademiyaan. Rates were reasonable over there without compromising over the ambiance and quality. 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Photography : Passion or Syndrome

 Sometimes, I ask myself, Has shooting pictures has become a disease? If so, what are the hidden reasons and motives behind taking a zillions of pictures every time and everywhere by everyone.

These days it is very common to spot someone taking picture or posing. Whether it is eating place, railway station, red light on the highways, packed local buses, ice cream parlors, schools, colleges, Library, toilets, malls, pubs, cinemas, showrooms, parks  etc, everywhere we can find people taking pictures. 

What is the purpose of taking a picture? 

Is it really the one related with creating memories and to record the good times so that in times of crisis, we can have a look at them and satiate ourselves?

Is it really the one to create a good piece of art or depicting a beautiful subject?

Is it the way to express yourself through inanimate objects?

May be for the handful of people the above 2,3 purposes are the real purposes but what about the majority. Do we ever wonder to calculate the degree of correlation between the evolution of social media and sales of Digital camera? Neither I. But what I feel is that there is a strong degree of correlation between the two. This photography plague begun at the times when the Orkut becomes huge success as far as I remember. During that times, one cannot upload more than 12 pictures on the Orkut in his profile and from then begun the battle to choose your best 12’. People started taking pictures more and more and begun to upload them on Orkut and started expecting comments. Practice of uploading photos disseminated so much that those without Digital cameras or mobile phone with camera started scanning their old photos at the rate of 15 bucks per picture and begun to upload. Isn’t it strange but it is quite a natural phenomena. Isn’t it? But why is it natural?

Gradually with times, Orkut added the feature of creating albums and adding more pictures. Not only this, cost of the Digital cameras also start decreasing and it was the top most gadget on the list of everybody going to America. With digital cameras taking pictures becomes quite cheap and a sort of ‘one time’ investment stuff.
With the advent of Facebook where you can upload unlimited number of pictures and that too of high quality as far as I know as I have seen profiles with 2 thousands pictures in their album, practice of shooting pictures really got accentuated. People clicks pictures everywhere more in order to show their lifestyle, their tastes and their life rather than to create a memory of memorable days. Perhaps, their definition of memory is satisfied by this action. Some souls even go extra mile by uploading their Honeymoon pictures and the very personnel stuff. Some girls upload their picture in every short dress they have tried in their life. It is very hard not to get aroused especially for a ‘frustu’(actually, I mean frustrated) people like me. People pose dozens of times for the picture at the same location for a perfect pose which they value according to the likes and comments, they expected to get on Facebook. 

But the good thing associated with the photography is that it is giving a vent to our creativity. In today’s world when there is little time left for our hobbies, taking picture is the most sought out hobby which can be pursued anywhere. Not only this, Photography is the most common hobby among the youth, even those without any technical knowledge.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Exams time

Exams time. We have our exams starting from tomorrow. Once again, the mood changed to contemplating mood which is expert in using bad logic to find excuses for the things you avoid. I didn't slept for whole night and its 6.30 am and i am waiting for the food to be served in the mess. Its not like that i was studying but yeah definitely i tried my level best to study. I have never been a hard working student. My mark-sheets and many other things(for those who are not convinced with mark sheets) i have as a proof. Believe me, my results had never been of the types that people look at to find a reason and motivation to study. Sorry for distraction, i was saying i was never a laborious student but this MBA had sent me to the new heights of inactivity. Few days back in class(which i used to go occasionally, wait, i also have reasons for that to which I'll come back later), I realized how hard it had become for me to sit on the chair. My lower back started paining. I shared a concern with my room partner who said i had become habitual of lying in the bed and watching movies, surfing and all the useless stuff. May be he was right as he is also the victim though as not serious as me. 

Just now, one of the wing mate came and asked from my roomie, "Kitna ho gaya?" He never asked me this question because he knew my answer and also such questions irritates me so much that sometimes, i start lecturing. But secretly, i believe that he came to get confidence. Whenever he saw me watching movie, sleeping or doing something except study, he got his motivation. Although this aspect of getting motivation is not covered by our faculty but research is still going on this topic. May be i can contribute something someday.

Regarding attendance, i think, what will attendance give you ? few extra marks and what these extra marks will give you? I thought but no answer came to my mind. Perhaps, they will give a better job which in turn generate more money but wh0 guarantees more happiness  with more money.

Its 7 and i think i should go the mess and thereafter sleep. sometimes, i think that when most of my batch mates have involved themselves in value adding activities like case studies, certifications and quizzes and many more which i don't remember and here i am, don't have anything constructive  to do,  writing another piece of s*** and busy in makeover of my blog. 

One good thing these days is i used to call my mother everyday in the morning to say, "good morning" before getting to bed. She is well aware of my habits of waking in the noon. So, she feel proud and think that i have changed my habits and started waking early for the exam. Hehehe.

Input are of course some songs of pink floyd and the scene of watching everybody preparing hard for exams.
Previously, i have used the title "Playing with exams" but i changed this due to fear, fear of getting f***** up in the exam.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Lessons from the Organization Behaviour-2

Types of Conflict.Courtesy: Google Images

I was reading a particular chapter about the conflicts. It was really very enlightening and general. I was well connected. Chapter classifies the conflicts into 3 types.

  • Approach-Approach Conflict occurs when we have the choices between 2 positive goals like whether to go for higher studies or continue the job and many others like selecting the best profession for you. This one is easy to resolve.

  • Avoidance-Avoidance Conflict occurs when we have choice between 2 negative goals like we should study for exam else we will fail. Such goals are also common. such situation results in inconsistency between what we do and think .Generally people procrastinates in such situations. Day dreaming is the most common way outcome. Also, some people starts imagining the better world for them and drifts away to the childhood memories. This was well observed. Even in times of stress, i look towards my childhood days. Never knew, psychology is so deep. Such conflicts are like "caught between devil and deep sea."

  • Approach-Avoidance Conflict occurs when you are attracted towards the goal which is also repellant. Such conflicts are the most difficult to resolve and led to frustration.We approach the object till the time positive valence exceeds the negative valence and start repelling once the negative weight exceeds the positive one. Example was not given but i think the relations are the best example of it particularly love and friendship relations. How many times it happened with us that we approach the girl, then stop, then begun again and so on.

As i started reading psychology more and more, i found it is closely related to everything and also, my way of looking at things changed. I started looking psychologically at things. At times of crisis or your relations not going well or other issues, i tries to have more psychologically reasoning and stop blaming the other peoples like what happens in the past. Besides, i found some degree of relation between the spirituality and psychology which i will try to unleash some other day.

One of the another conflict that came into my mind is related to smoking. Smoking gives us pleasure which is positive goal while it has adverse effects on out health, which is a negative goal. This is a conflict hard to categorize in above categories. But, upon thinking more, it falls under category1 choosing between pleasure and good health, both are positive goals, another way of looking at it.

I think my blog has started reflecting that i am going from one of the bad phase but never avoiding i.e., exams time.And Don't worry friends if you are thinking that i am studying too much for the exam. You know my mark-sheets had never been of the types that people look at to find a reason and motivation to study in fact they prefer them when they want confidence.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


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This piece is written when plan to travel got cancelled. I think i really need holidays.

Inputs: wandering mind  +  early morning  + rainfall + Tea

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Watch these movies and Relive your childhood

4.30 am and I just completed 3 below movies in series. One of the best ever utilization of Friday. I thoroughly enjoyed all these movies and relive my school days through them. These are, I think, are the best movies of 2011 produced artistically along with the strong message with them. All 3 have wooed the viewers of all the class and ages and depicts the plight of underprivileged kid. Also, the music is also very good. Some of the songs of Chillar party are sung by Mohit Chauhan and must for every music lover. One thing common among all of them is that they all the children are shown with high levels of EQ. I really feel myself connected.  In all of them, we have a lot to learn from the children. Must watch for everyone.

  • I am Kalam is a very light movie. You don’t need to exert your mind at all. Just play and sit and lost. Shot in Beautiful deserted landscapes of Rajasthan, it is  a story about the child who wants to learn, study and want to go to school but  had no resources. He works in a restaurant and how with the help of customers, he learn. Child with high EQ and IQ.   
  • Stanley Ka Dabba is about the child labors. This movie make me embarrassed when I remember about the stanleys at every corner, dhaba of our country. I love the way the Stanley speaks lie about him to hide his truth. He never wants the sympathy. He really had high EQ and was very strong motivated child.   
  • Chiller Party  is all about the power of children i.e.  How they help each other, their compassion and innocence. It is also must watch. Lesson is that they should not be taken for granted. Love the nick names of the children which went like jhangiya(underwear because he never wear underwear), second hand (because his mother always give him the trousers of his elder brother), silencer(never speaks) and so on. 
It Seems weekend is already completed. 
Image courtesy: Google Images

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lessons from the Organization Behaviour Lecture-1

Few days back, one of our prof. conducted an activity called Luchins’ water-jug experiment. This activity is an example of what is called  Einstellung effect.

 I was really stunned by this activity and it was the first time, i was able to appreciate the theory fully convinced. This test is very simple and proves that our mind is biased by experience and exposure to approach the problems in certain fixed ways which restrict our creativity.

We have created perceptions of everything around us, always thinks based on our prior experience which is harming our novelty. It is equally important to unlearn things as learn. Same solution does not work in every case or it it works, it is not the optimum one. We should try to attempt every problem in an independent manner.

This test is available on the internet free of cost. I was flabbergasted after the activity is over and we are discussing its results. How this problem initially sets our thinking in particular direction and later makes us blind as we try all the other very simple problems in a similar fashion.

Same is the case with life. Sometimes, we find ourselves so occupied and stressed amidst this complexity of life that we always try our experiences and tested approaches to problems and fail to realize their simplicity. Our perceptions and judgements sometimes makes us blind and we "throw out the baby with the bath water."

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