Saturday, May 28, 2011

An owl and mother

9:45 pm

I am sitting on top of the terrace. It is a very small area. I was thinking from the last many days to bring my laptop here but  found difficult to overcome the laziness. Also, reaching top is bit difficult, there are no staircases. One has to climb the water tap and perform some other easier stunts to reach there. Today, as only 8 days are left, I packed my laptop in bag, overcome my laziness and climbed the water tank to reach the top. It was a quite nice peaceful place. Howrah Bridge is about 9, 10 km from here but it was visible from here. I am peeping into the windows of neighbors from here. One girl is looking at me and perhaps she is laughing. Perhaps, I am looking crazy here sitting at the terrace at 10pm with my laptop. Nearby houses are not build to this height. So, I was feeling a top of the world.

Fresh cool breeze is the best thing to cure the tiring day. Now, I have decided to come here every day for next week . Writing at such an place is an lifetime experience.
The girl, I just talked about is coming again and again near to her window. I have also played the song “You are beautiful” by James blunt.
The only thing that is worrying me is the hooting of an owl sitting on the top of the house which is on the other side of the road. Everybody is quite aware about the hooting of this owl. Some people even said, it is living here from decades. When I was new here,  hooting appeared to me very scary but gradually I learned to ignore it. But ,now it was pretty hard to ignore. Also, it is very scary. Thought from the movie grudge and other horror movies are coming to my mind. I just search on the net what the hooting signifies. Man, it drives me crazy, so many horrible extreme interpretations. Let us ignore the negative one and just remember about the positive interpretations. The sound is really scary. Let us not talk about an owls. Just like us, they are also the beautiful ugly creation of the god.
Now, I am listening to the real stuff, Bruteforce –‘opportunity denied slaughter the corrupt’, what a lyrics.  I am alone again without you. ….. Leave all, just pink Floyd now…
Coming back to life……..with this I am closing my eyes……..

My mother called me out of her daily routine. We talked and when I told her about owl hooting, she strictly told me to go back to room. She was scared. I moved to my room and forgot my cell over there and began watching TV in dining room.


After an hour, when I came to my room, I saw 12 miss calls from the my home. It’s my mother no. and I have saved it by the name of ‘my home’. I immediately call back, I was very nervous. MY mother asked if I am alright. She was very worried as I had told her about an owl thing. I said I am perfectly alright. Seeing 12 miss calls from my mother no. had taken a breath out of me. Such are the mothers and such horrible are the interpretation of owls. Caring and crazy.
Blessed to have such a mother.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Do you think boasting about your alcohol capacity is cool?

Give me a break!!

I don’t understand why people want to show like they are drinking from the time when they were in their mother’s womb.
I was invited in a party. After finishing 4,5 pegs, each started talking about their capacity. I started feeling bored. This part of conversation is always the one I hate most and want to avoid. It is not certainly the reason that I have a bad capacity. Once, when I was an amateur, I was also one of the those persons who always wanted to prove that their capacity is maximum. But that was years before. This kind of stuff is acceptable from the recent starters or those who have just joined engineering college but when the employees and mature persons started talking like that, it really irritates. Let me reproduce some of the excerpts of today’s party.

Bikram : Tell me, from how many years you are drinking?
Bishnu: I am drinking from class 9th.
Bikram : I have started when I was in 6th .
Priyesh : My father used to give me alcohol as a medicine to drink when I was 2,3 years old

Mehul : Once, one of my friend bet me, who will drink more? We bring 2 bottles of signature of 1ltr. each and started drinking. After 6 pegs, he was vomiting and I was quite normal.

Courtesy: Google Images/Ron Innes Blog

Rajdeep : I have drunk desi one also, one having 70% alcohol. It’s really very hard and not for everybody.  Does anyone out here has the guts to try it?

I thought it must not be the excess of alcohol content but shortage of money which made you drink that cheap drink.I never understood the significance of this conversation. Only2 person were silent including one that from IIT KGP. Actually, IITs are close to my heart, that’s why I mention it specifically. We started discussion among ourselves and all of us came to conclusion that we have started drinking in engineering college, pretty acceptable. Once again, I thought IITs guys are really sensible and felt longing for the IIT which I wasn’t able to clear during my times.

Later on, everybody found to be lying like dead on their bed  and whole place is smelling like that of dirty pigs living on the filth on the side of dirty pond.

Finally, we shifted on the terrace with the bottle and this part was the one that I enjoyed the most in my life. The company of non boasting persons  and somehow I  got that they are a real tanker and thinker. We talked a lot after that and made certain promises which are a custom after drinking.

People who drink too much and boast. Courtesy: Google Images

 Thanks to the one who thought me to invite for the party. I really enjoyed that party. It was strong enough to give me a feel of my past days in my engineering college.  

Note: I have used the names bhisnu and bikram as the alphabet ‘V’ is considers as redundant in west Bengal. This, I came to know, few days back when everyone was dancing on the occasion of Bhictory of Mamta Banerjee.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


How many times it happen with you that you are not in a good mood and some old friend ping you and started talking in a sarcastic way? DO you lose your temper?
It happened with me many times but I never lose my temper but today evening I don’t know what happened to me. 

I started comprehending his questions in my own manner and  started throwing comments which are years old. The other guy also becomes hot and now, I have crossed almost all the limits. I replied to him in a very harsh manner try to show him that unlike him, I have lots of pending things to do. I started chatting so fast that I even forgot to read his messages and typed so many things which I wasn’t supposed to say. Actually, I was quite busy and the other friend  just pinged me to pass his time. I was not at all in a mood to listen. It was his 3rd ping in a day. 

After a lot of thoughts, I replied to his chat and against my expectations,  the conservation took very unexpected turn. At last, I said sorry and said I was very busy and lot of pressure and all and was not at all in a mood to chat. He said OK. This way our conversation came to an end. I was really busy. But from last 1 hour, I was not able to do anything in spite of lot of pending work and deadlines, I am just thinking and feeling bad about the conversation.

I am on my summer assignment with one of the organization and it will complete on 3rd June. Only 1 week is left. I have to make the reports, ppts and give presentation to the higher management. 

Now, as I cool down and take a bath, I feel if I talk to him nicely for 5 minutes, then I can easily continue my work. This way, in order to save minutes, I have wasted hours. And also, I have disturb his mood also. Now, I was too shy to start a conversation although he is online. Sometimes, you do things which you don’t want to do at all but at the moment, lost your temperament. 

Suddenly, i remember 2 quotes, never hesitate to say sorry and forgiveness is the biggest attribute. Hope so. Small things can make a difference, never take anything in granted.
After writing this post, I felt bit relief. 

Hey, look, I didn’t meant all that. I am really sorry. Hope you understand.

Monday, May 23, 2011

A different relation

We share a different relations with different persons. One such relation that come to mind is the relation in which two people talk only two times in a year and that is during the birthdays of each other. Isn’t a beautiful relation?

I share this relation with many people.  Nobody talks anything about the irritating things like you don’t call me from so long and so on. There are many more untold agreements in such a relation. Each person understand that the other is busy in their own life.

If you are thinking that such relations are formal or are cold, I would say these are the relations which are not at all formal but real. Tell me , how many times you have wished a birthday to a person you didn’t want to, that is a formality. 

Such relations are very intimate and built on understanding. Whenever one person needs any favor, he called other person directly without any hesitation. 

Thanks to all those with whom I share such a relationship. What if we don’t remain in contact with each other throughout the year when we do appreciate each other in our hearts.

I am sure you must have few similar relations.. .......

Sunday, May 22, 2011

An evening full of Boredom

Writing is talking to yourself in a more better way and to record the state of thoughts of that instant. It always give me a high. Whenever I have nothing to do like this moment, I often became very nostalgic. Writing is one such thing that always keep me energized. But from last few days, I was feeling an intense impulse to visit my home place. It is very important to refurbish the fading zeal. As my mind is not focused, it affect me in every possible way. My mood was not very good from last few days. Songs like, “Coffee house “ by Manna de are constantly played in my laptop in repeat mode. This song is really masterpiece. Although I didn’t understand a single word of this song as it is in Bengali, still I enjoy listening the very bit of it. It somehow makes me more nostalgic. 

TVS Apache RTR 160, Dwarka sec-22, Delhi

I have not drive my bike, TVS Apache RTR from a long time. It was standing at my home without anybody using it accept the cat to sit on it. I have crossed 25,000 km in just 1.5 years in Delhi. I used to cover 100 Km ever day from Dwarka, Delhi to Noida and back. People says how you are able to drive so much in a heavy traffic. It is because of my love for biking that i didn't fail any pain. I take 1 break while going to office in the Aurangzeb road. It was such a soothing place where i get a chance to see the latest cars and best of the bungalows. This road has the most expensive land in Delhi.

Me Biking in Dwarka, Delhi.
This is another picture of mine taken by me only while returning from the night shift.

I have forgot the taste of the food prepared by mother. How can one forget the taste of food prepared by his mother? Little strange.
Just now, I looked at some of the pictures of my family. It was so refreshing.

I am waiting for the 4' June very desperately to meet my family members and 1 new member, my niece added a month before in our family.

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