Friday, December 5, 2014

Skywatch Friday - Dandeli, Karnataka, India

This is my 10th  entry in Skywatch Friday and I am really delighted to be the part of this as it
gives me the opportunity to see the beautiful skies across the World as well as to showcase my
The strangest thing is that I am participating after 8 months in this contest. My blog was in kind of  come during that state. 

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Morning at Khajaguda - Hyderabad - Part 2

This is quite new to all of us and was most challenging part of the meet till now. As soon as we come across it after caving, many of us were not willing to do it. Some tried but come back after reaching mid-way. It took good time; however, with the help of trainers as well as push, we all conquered this also and reached to the top. Now, it was time for some rest. Splendid view at the top, cool winds were giving the feeling of being alive. 
Our Doctor and Trainer

We played some small games, take pictures, gossiped and traversed our way back. While coming down again there were lots of worries but no other option than to come down. I also got some scratches at my back due to sharp stones but that is absolutely fine against the happiness of conquering this and having tried something new.

Task 6 - Caving
After returning, there was 1 more round of Caving. This round looks easy but was very difficult for fat people. Despite several warnings, I decide to ty this but since I will be qualified in those fat people, I was trapped in between the rocks. All the people were cheering me from outside and were shouting name saying c’mon but I was not able to breathe properly even move by body because I was completely fitted in between the space. I was quite scared and thought what will happen now. I was not even able to raise my head, leave about taking the turn. 

But slowly, after making very tiny moments, I managed to get out in 15 minutes. I was profusely sweating. Thanked god and everyone. When I was inside, people were constantly taking my pictures and that flash on your face you know how irritating it was. I thought maybe they will earn some extra bucks by selling this pic to media. Media, these days, you know, I have no good words for them. 

With this, everyone open their refreshments and share about their experiences. It was time to give money to the organizer. Finally, we call it a day. We are still in contact with each other. That is the beauty of this GHAC club. It was at around 10.30 am when we finished all this.

It was quite a feeling for me to spend some good 5 hours on Saturday morning at such a beautiful place which would normally be reserved for hangover of the previous day parties. Yes, this is one of those steps I am taking to make my life and lifestyle more simple.

This all package will cost you 50 bucks and is come under Easy/beginner level. Can you believe? 

Morning at Khajaguda - Hyderabad - Part 1

Khajaguda, one stop for all the adventure activities, is a village in Serlingampally mandal of Hyderabad near to HITECH city of Hyderabd but still unfamiliar for many working in HITEC city. 

This place is a mystery to me also until one day when I came across the group Great Hyderabad Adventure Club popularly known as GHAC club. This club caters to activities like  Trekking, Hiking, Camping, Rock Climbing, Mountaineering, Outdoors, Nature and Adventure sport activities like Bouldering, Rock climbing and Rappelling to name a few every weekend in Hyderabad and that too at minimal prices. Khajaguda and Shamirpet are the 2 popular places where this club organizes these activities. 

It was on 21st Nov that I get associated with this club and enjoyed my first hike in Hyderabad. After that, I am going out every weekend with this group. Last week, we went to Dandeli, wildlife sanctuary in Karnataka. 

It was at around 5:45 am when we all meet at West Durgam Cheruvu Bus stop which is 1 km from Khajaguda. We were all set to start at 6. After a brief introduction and filling disclaimer form, trainer asked everyone to do some basic exercise for warmup. 

After warm up, we started with full of excitement. The moment we ascend some height, I was mesmerized by the view this place offers. I never imagined such place untouched in the midst of corporate jungle. This place has lot of boulders, stones balancing each other by law of nature, ample space and beautiful views. We felt little cold also at this place as it is not very commercialized.

Task 1 – Basic Climbing and Trekking
Trainer demonstrates us how to climb the L-shaped stone. Task looks easy but once we tried, none of us was able to complete. He asked us to proceed and soothe us by saying that you will learn all this things with time and patience. 

Task 2 - Climbing
After hiking some height, there was 1 place where he showed us how to climb and asked us to climb that too. Trainer and organizer were very encouraging and supported everyone.
After reaching at the top, we clicked some of the pictures from the top and yes it was also the time for Group picture. This task was easy but 1 lady injured her knee while coming down. Fortunately, there is always 1 doctor in GHAC meets.

Group picture


We enjoyed sitting there interacting about the likes and hobbies of each other. Some of us including me thought action is over for the day however; all this was to set the pace of the day for some more difficult activities. Till now, we only saw trailer.
Task 3 - Scrambling
After a brief rest which was actually not required, we started again. After trekking some distance, we started scrambling. It was bit difficult as most of us even don’t have proper shoes also. However, we managed.
Task 4 - Caving
Next part of journey includes caving as well as chimneying to reach the top. Caving was easy for thin guys as we have to roll ourselves between 2 stones but still many people have small injuries. Some are hitting their knees, some their head.
Task 5 - Chimneying
Next is chimneying.
Term derived from the term chimney which is the passage through which smoke escapes. In chimneying, we climb the vertical parallel rock cleft using our head, back and feet to apply opposite pressure on the vertical walls.

Please continue here for part 2. 

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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Long time: From March to November

This blog was in kind of coma state from March. 7 months have already passed without any update but now the time has come to breathe a life into the blog.

Stay tuned. This blog will be updated shortly.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Skywatch Friday - Botanical Garden, Hyderabad, India

This is my 9th  entry in Skywatch Friday and I am really delighted to be the part of this as it
gives me the opportunity to see the beautiful skies across the World as well as to showcase my
I have clicked this picture today morning while on my morning walk in Botanical garden near to my home.Three are more than 100 hundred peacocks in this park, however they are visible only early in the morning till 6 am after that they hide themselves. Today, I have spotted 1 peacock flying from 1 tree to another. I have never seen  peacock flying so high before and even I was not aware that they can do that.

I do not have camera so I captured using my mobile and hence picture are bit unclear.


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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Meet a man who is passionate about his city Pondicherry and Design your perfect itenerary

I would also like to introduce you to Mr. Joshi, owner of Vijay Arya 2 wheeler Rental service who can be instrumental in designing you itinerary. The best part is that Mr. Joshi is very passionate about his city and well versed with every nook and cranny of the city. Tell him about the duration of your stay in the city and he will design the itinerary for you in minutes. His itinerary is very detailed along with things like today is Sunday, this place will open after lunch or this will be crowded at that time and so on. He will tell you where you will get the best French breakfast in the city (Still remember we had our breakfast in Hot Breads upon guidance of Mr. Joshi and it was one of its kind)and best cafes to get the feel of French cuisine along with the budget piece of it. He will tell you about where you will get the Best filter coffee in Pondicherry, about the must visit kind of places, about the restaurants which offers a good view but bad food. He will do all of this without charging any money. He is very genuine, religious guy. He will only charge you for renting 2 wheeler. And even if you do want to rent 2 wheeler, not a problem you can directly call him at 9345 425 099 to clear your doubts and to plan your trip. He will also guide you about the 1 lane traffic system of the Pondicherry which can trouble you initially. 

He helped us a lot during our trip. 

Disclaimer: This is not any kind of advertisement but genuine effort towards helping readers in designing their itinerary.
Also check my post on Introduction to Puducherry here
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Do you need smartphone in this consumer frenzy market?

Something that is annoying me these days is that everyone is asking me to change my  mobile phone.

I don't know why. 

I am using one of the oldest mobile of Nokia and since it is working fine, I am in no mood to purchase another cell. Also, there is no reason as well as requirement that is not getting fulfilled from the available resources.

I have internet in my office and internet at my home. Most of the time, i am either at the office or at the home so why the hell I should purchase new cell just because it becomes fashion.

And also, some people became embarrassed when they are using  any basic mobile in this age of tablets and airs but even that is not the case with me.

Without a single thought or any hesitation, I charged my cell in my office at my desk. In meetings, i take out my cell and put it on the table without a single thought.

It is not like that I hate smart phones or something like that but the fact I don't need it. Also, perhaps I am smart enough not to spend on smart phones.

So, Folks please stop commenting about my basic mobile phone and do something better.

Trip to Pondicherry - Little France

Are Puducherry and Pondicherry  same or different ?

 This puzzle is giving me the great confusion and Google search is also not a respite. So, let me give brief introduction about it.

The union territory of Puducherry consists of 4 small unconnected districts which have preserved the French Heritage and culture:

1. Pondicherry: It is the most important and largest district and is also the capital of Puducherry Union territory. It is in Tamil Nadu state only.

2. Karaikal: It is the 2nd largest territory in Puducherry. It is also in Tamil Nadu state.

3. Yanam: This place is in Andhra Pradesh.

4. Mahe: This place is in Kerala and popularly known as Mayyazhi which means “Eyebrow of the sea.” And as it is the only district of Puducherry which lies on west coast, it is also called as “Eyebrow of the Arabian sea.”

Isn’t it great to know that Puducherry union territory has districts from 3 states of India and this have regions which lies on both: Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea. I think its unique geography and history is not the only thing what sets this place apart. Its every nook and corner have stories which keeps the tourists engaged.

Pondicherry, commonly known as Pondy, which is the most important and largest district is also known by different names like“Quintessence of French Culture”, “Little France “and“The French Riviera of the East.”

This multicultural city of Pondicherry offers 3 experiences to the visitor.   

  1. ·        Auroville/MatriMandir: Read about it here and here.  
  2. ·        Sand beaches : Read here
  3. ·        French colonies/Churches &    Promenade Beach Road

And of course its French cuisine and tax free alcohol (Being a Union Territory) which goes without saying.

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