Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Caught up in the hustle bustle of our daily life, we sometimes encounter things that have the power to stop us, make us thing about them. Are they from this world? Are they real or Is it only illusion?

I am talking about the supernatural’s tales that we have heard from our grandfathers, tales which are been passing from generation to generations. 

Do you feel scary? Have you ever encountered such thing? If not, Do you want it to happen with you?

These things really interest me so much. Such things never happened to me but many of my acquaintances encountered them. When my families discuss such things at home in childhood, I really become interested but my mother didn’t allowed me to listen to elders and send me to my room. It is because after listening to such stories, I used to wake my mother at night whenever I need to go to restroom. 

Let me share an incident with you that happened in my engineering college.
In my engineering hostel, People used to call the souls. Don’t get scary but tighten the seat belt to feel the turbulent. I never believe them until one good day they ask me to join them. Curious and hungry for new experiences, I joined them. We closed the door, light a candle. We were 5 people. One of us took a register and take out the blank paper from it. He wrote all the alphabets, digits on it and make a round place of the size of 1rupee coin and two similar size holes both its sides and wrote ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ there. Then one of the experienced one asked all of us to place the tip of the finger on the coin and then to concentrate. He told that we all should concentrate and listen to him. We must ensure that our mind does not diverts into anything else the process will fail.
Getting scary to pen at this hour,3.30am. I think it should be better to write during day time. C’mon, be a man. My heart is pounding and stomach is inside out.
The experienced one begun to recite few lines repetitively and after every few trials, he asked a question from a coin. For 5,6 minutes, nothing happened. Excitement lessened. Suddenly, the coin moved to the place where ‘YES’ was written.
The Mantra, he was reciting, “Agar koi achi aatma yahan se gujar rahi hai to is sikke mein aajaye(If any holy spirit is passing from here, please come into this box)” and after repeating it for few times, he looked at the coin and asked, “Have you come?” Just now, I closed my eyes to remember his Mantra and believe me, I begun to feel scary again. I was sitting in my balcony at my hostel and it was raining heavily. Dark places, isolated areas amidst the natural greenery is the abode for them. It was equally scary as interesting. Let us not distract. Ohh shit, as I talk about it, I began to heard voices, voices of some objects falling. What is this now, Have dogs also starts barking or Is it illusion?

I really believe on supernatural’s and I also believe that souls never want do bad to anybody. Conditions applied. There are lot of things that cannot be explain and things we can’t even dream of. 

Sometimes, I think that I also want to see the spooky white figure in the dark as we generally saw in horror movies or heard about them but then I feel that it is because of benefit of me that such figures didn’t gave their appearance to us. Otherwise, I believe they live everywhere. I mean souls. 

When the coin moved to ‘YES’, we all look into each other. Suddenly , the dog started barking. ­­­We asked its name, his place, his sex. The soul was giving the answer by moving the coin to alphabets. We each have one finger tip on the coin. Believe me, nobody was moving the coin, it was all by soul. By touching the coin, we made scene less scary else if we saw the coin moving by itself, might the story ended with Heart attacks. 

We asked many questions from the soul like we ask from an astrologist. Soul was just reading our minds. Whatever answer I thought in my mind, coin begun to move to same direction. After asking lot of questions, we ask the soul to go. We asked the coin, if you are still here. The coin moved to ‘NO’. This was very scary. Only one thought amidst the mind of all, What if the soul didn’t go? But after all, while reciting Mantra, we only asked for a good soul and if it is a good soul, so there was no reason to worry. We tried again and ask the question, coin didn’t move. We switch on the light and breathe a sigh of relief. Experienced one disposes a coin and a paper and asked us to relax. We asked hundreds of questions and soul answers all of them. Believe me, it is really true. The soul just reads the mind. If you ask, what I would be after 10 years and in your mind, you think prime minister, then the coin simply moves to p, then r, i and so on.
Time to move in the room and get a sleep after reciting Gayatri Mantra. 

Note: if you ever find yourself scary or find something invisible or shady soul, demon around you in a dark while you are exploring some place or on the Holidays, always light a matchstick. As I have talked to people in villages and hill stations (due to my background) which are known/believed to be cursed with demons, lots of suffering and pains, I came to know that we must carry matchbox with us in a dark as lighting simply dissipates the unknown. 

There are more horror stories of my life which I share with you soon.
Let me close this topic now as while writing  I was indulged so deeply  in these thoughts that strange voices began to appear in my mind.  

Other 4 were Gagan deep sisodia, Sachin Devra, Ashish Sharma, Manas Grover.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Title samajh nahi aa raha hai....

Some mornings are very boring when we have nothing for us to lined  up while on the others we wish that how good it would be if we had nothing to do. This is one such morning, not a single  reason to get up from the bed. I am just lying from last 2 hours on my bed, listening to music watching the roof thinking what to do but didn’t get any answer. Even the sleep has said NO now.
All the clothes are dirty and smelling badly but I didn’t like to go to Laundry as it is very far. The monsoon of Mumbai made it hard to spot sunlight from last few days. I am also feeling the lack of sunlight in my life. We have class scheduled after lunch but just now received a message that it also got cancelled. Some of the space of my mind is also occupied by the guilty feelings that I am not doing anything and wasting a lot of time. There are lot of subjects to study and lot of things to do  but when I have a relook at them, I reasoned that nothing is really important or I will study it in the exam after all engineers are experienced people habitual of saving back just with one night study. 

The question lies me why should I wake up from the bed. Is there a single activity that provoke me to get up. I didn’t find any. Giving a call to friends at this hour is also not worthwhile as I don’t want them to think that I have nothing to do. Just ping 2 of the online friends but none of them reply.  Even doing nothing had its own fun. I remember when I was in TCS, how much I used to miss my college life and specially the days when time was in abundance. It was hard to get the time for yourself while in TCS. Now, once again when I joined B-school, I find a lot of free time. Perhaps life is like that  fluctuating between the extremes. That is why, it is important to live in a present because the past always looks fabulous as it had already passed no matter how bad it was.  

 At such empty hours, vague thought never spares you and it is actually good for you because for a blogger, such vague thoughts give him the inspiration to write. One such thought came to my mind is that lets make a document having the lyrics of my all time favorites song and save it along with my ultimate intensive rock collection. I begun and do it for 3,4 songs but then I felt “Is it really necessary?”

 I have internet excess 24 * 7 so why to do so. One more option came and eliminated.  I restored my deleted facebook account and it really helped in passing the 5,10 minutes but now again I am  watching the ceiling and listening.  Below are the lyrics of one of my favorite song ‘TIME’ by Pink Floyd which I used to listen when I waste the time knowingly.

Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day
You fritter and waste the hours in an offhand way
Kicking around on a piece of ground in your home town
Waiting for someone or something to show you the way

Tired of lying in the sunshine
Staying home to watch the rain
And you are young and life is long
And there is time to kill today
And then one day you find
Ten years have got behind you
No one told you when to run
You missed the starting gun

Friday, August 26, 2011

Happiness is something internal

Click on the picture to read the content.

I believe, happiness is something internal and we seek it into the external world. If you are happy, you are happy no matter how rich or poor you are. Happiness is a state which does not depend on the number of objects of materialistic world that you possesses but about a feeling, state of mind.

Unknown Realtion with Unknowns

Never take anybody for granted

How many times it happened with us that the person on the other side of the table knows us well  but we take him for granted and didn’t even bothered to know him. Yesterday, when I went to the Laundry to give my clothes for washing, the Laundry person said, ”Sir, I am thinking about you. It is so long this time. Have you started washing yourself?” It felt nice that he remembers you. 

Similarly, the security guards at the college gate know so much about our schedule and we aren’t even worried to give them a smile. From time to time, they keep asking, “where is your room partner?” When I was not with my room partner. Sometimes, they said, “You are not going for your morning tea these days.” Isn’t it  nice?

6 months back, I went to Green Hut in Gurgaon near TCS which once was our regular hang out place when I used to work in TCS. Manager came to greet me and then after occupying my favorite seat, waiter came and said, “Sir, Afghani lana hai kya?” He was referring to the Afghani chicken which was my favorite.  I was very much moved. 

Let me tell you the incidence in the mess. The worker there never put the curd in my plate. I wondered. Once I asked him, “Why you are not giving me the curd?” He replied, “Sir, you generally don’t take the curd. If you say so, let me put it.” I said, “NO, not required.” It was equally shocking and pleasurable that he remembers your preferences in a mess where more than 400 students take a lunch/dinner.

It is really nice when your hair dresser already knows what type of hair cut do you want and the waiter knows that you love more garlic in every starter and tea wala knows that you love the strong tea with ginger. These are some of the small beautiful incidences which if you give the thought, they are worth thinking otherwise they are meaningless. Sometimes, I feel even giving them a smile or asking them a simple question like, “how are you” would be enough. These peoples are taking care of us and how selfish it is from our side that we took them for granted. These are just few incidences otherwise it happened with all of us in our daily lives but we are never bothered. 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Krishna Janmashtami

Vow. August is full of nostalgic memories of my treasured moments. Raksha Bandhan, Independence day and now its KrishnaJanmashtami. In hostel, I am sure that this Festival will also go unnoticed  and without any craze like last year. 

Beautiful Roadside Jhanki
On this day, all the temples are decorated with lightening, ice and flowers and many other things hard to recall now, In our town, there used to be a  competition among all the temples for getting the maximum public, for the longest queues . Not this, on the roads, one can see a 3,4 people sitting in a spectacular Jhanki under a tent. 
Everywhere in a temple as well as on these small jhankis, one can see a small sculpture of Sri Krishan Bhagwan(In Hindu mythology, he is considered as one of the greatest Gods who give the world a lesson of Bhagavad Gītā when Arjun was facing a quandary for fighting against his relatives for keeping the Dharma, It was a dilemma of prioritizing between fighting for the right and fighting with one’ relatives )

Courtesy: Google Images,God on Hammock
Sculpture of God Sri Krishna is laid simply on the Hammock with one end towards the general public or religious persons who come to lessen the effect of their sins and to demand some other things. People simply come and moves the loose end of rope for few seconds and leaves. This is a very beautiful soothing site. Swinging the end slowly gives a satisfaction to visitors as it is supposed to give the pleasure to the god and can be considered as a lullaby.

During childhood, I used to go with friends. When entered in college, IT becomes difficult to find the company as the parents and other elders at home didn’t prefer due to rush as well as long standing hours in queue. At teenage , I also observed fast during this day but gradually didn’t know what happen and the zeal abated. One of my cousins who lived with us ‘Saransh’ who is 10 years younger than me loved to go and watched the decorated temples, So many times, I went with him to  watch the temples along with him. As my home is located at such a strategic location, all the temples are very near. So, we used to cover the Jhankis on Road by scooter and then rest of the temples by walk. 

Courtesy: Google Images/Children acting as Krishna, Balram, Radha etc..
‘Bhuteshwar’ temple  is decorated with ice. Hari darshan is known for its infused creativity in all its Jhankis and surprises people every year. ‘Ganga Temple’ is popular for the spectacular Jhankis and is the one most close to my heart. Every temple has its own USP. There is record consumption of ice on this day. Some make the Pseudo Himalayas, in some temples you find the artificially created Zig-zag path like Himalaya mountains which give once a feel of real Vaishnodevi temple in J&K, some makes the environment vey cool. I remember when we used to wait for hours before entering the temple. Now, when I think about it, it made me feel good. But when somebody asked me to go and visit the temple, I started looking for my lost zeal but never find anything.
I love the way it is celebrated. These days, craze seem to be fading due to this modernization even I am a victim. 

This festival is celebrated in a different manner in different parts of country.  I am not aware about South India but in Mahraastra, It is celebrated with tremendous zeal and is known as ‘DahiHandi.’ 

Mathura, where Sri Krishna is believed to be born and Vrindavan(15 km from Mathura), where he spent his most naughty childhood days celebrate this festival with full passion and energy. 
This is day when the brave tales of the God are remembered and their examples are given by the parents to their children. Parents told their children about the Philosophy of Gita which one can always refer at the time of crisis to find the solace.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Guide to Bar and Restaurants near Powai,Mumbai

Laxmi Pure veg  : It is located in front of IIT Mumbai  main gate. I love this place very much and have been there numerous of times.  There are 3 sections here. One is bar and smoking is recently disallowed. Other two are AC and non AC food section. Rates are pretty reasonable here and food is really tasty and hygienic. At the peak hours, one can also face waiting in order to get a seat. Service is overall great.  Paneer mirch ka sa is must have. For alcoholics, variety of snacks is awesome and that too at reasonable prices. Without drinks, average cost per person is 120 bucks. An auto from NITIE will costs you around 40 bucks. Ambience in bar and food section is good.  Home delivery is also available around 3 kms not in NITIE.

Sea land Restaurant and Bar: It is located at Saki vihar road. An auto from NITIE will cost you around 15 bucks. It is majorly a bar and there is no point in going just to have food there. Rates are pretty cheap and the food is average. Service is little poor sometimes. The only problem is crowd is not good and it becomes a fish market at 7,8 in the evening and continued to be so till10. We prefer to go there around 10. It open till 1.30. Smoking is allowed. Dal tadka is a must have here and cheaper option too. Ambience is not that good here but still this place is good for those who drinks frequently. Going with the groups with girls should be avoided here.
Fuel: It is located above CCD, opposite Powai lake and inside the Jughead’s restaurant. One has to pass from the Jughead’s to enter in the fuel. Not much options are available in snacks. It is bit expensive but the happy hours provides you a relief. Happy hours are from 6 to 9. Live DJ is start at around 8 and the stuff played mostly is rap and Akon type. Before live dj starts, you can enjoy the blues and that sort of music. Songs of Pink Floyd and doors are often played here. Service is poor but the best part is complimentary Nachos. Complimentary is so good that there is no need to order any other thing. 25% vat is charged on the bills. Good place to watch cricket/soccer. Also, after having drinks and food, you can also sit at a Powai lake for some time. You only have to cross the road and sitting around the lake after getting high is in itself is a ultimate experience. 

Jughead’s: It is located above CCD, opposite Powai lake. An auto from NITIE will cost you around 30 bucks. The food type is American, continental. The food options can give you treat away from the regular eating options. Ambience is quite good, table clothes are having funny quotes and you will love to read them, the view of the Powai lake is simply breathtaking from here. Festivals like Japanese food festival, Spanish food festivals are quite common here. It is a good hangout for a group of boys and girls who don’t drink. On tariff side, it is bit expensive but acceptable. 

Maharaja: It is located in Saki Naka and the auto will cost you around 45 from NITIE. If you are looking for very peaceful ambience with instrumental music played at low pitch, this place is a must visit. Smoking is not allowed here but you can smokes in a well lit sexy garden just outside. Believe me, you will enjoy cigarette here more. Food is quite good and prices are also moderate. Service is also good. Chicken Lollypop and Tandoori chicken is a must have stuff here. The sauf/sweet that came with the bill are very nice and different. I haven’t found them in any other place.  Many times, we ended up in asking for more. Good place for a date.

Urban Tadka: It is located in Saki naka and auto will cost you around 50 bucks. I love everything about this place whether it is food, ambience(good one for drinks) or crowd. Pop English music is played generally at normal pitch. You can go there for eating food only. The ambience is not typical like bars and all. I am sure you will certainly enjoy this place. Service is also amazing. However, it is expensive. Happy hours are also there from 7 to 8.

Laughing Buddha: It is located in Saki naka and auto will cost you around 50 bucks. I will not recommend this place to anyone. The alcohol is served in the glasses of juice. Beer is served in the long thin glasses. I didn’t like the crockery here. Rest everything is hunky-dory. 

GuruKripa: It is located on saki naka road. One should avoid this place and come here only if he unable to finds seat in other nearby restaurants, a case that happens with us too. Sittinge is both indoor and outdoor. Primarily a bar.

Desijoint: It is located near Shivsagar restaurant while going to saki naka. 2 seating areas, one is the open terrace which is covered with tents due to monsoon. At terrace, music is played at the projectors if there is no cricket match scheduled. Good place. Sofas are bit different here and quite comfortable. Food, alcohol, beer mugs, everything is awesome except 1 thing that they serve popcorns in the compliments. Bit shocking but believe me you will love them. Alcohol rates are reasonable but the food specially the snacks section is expensive.  

Mahalaxmi Gardens: It is located in Saki naka and auto will cost you around 50 bucks. Very large seating area both indoor and outdoor. The USP of this place is you get the alcohol 24 hours here. It is located near some call center and at even 3am, you can see it is almost packed. Nothing extraordinary about food. Tariffs are reasonable. One should visit this place only if he wants to drink also, no point in going for food only.

Galleria: I have been here 5,6 times due to my friends but everytime, I go here, I curse myself. It is like a food court of any mall. I have tried food from almost all the restaurants here but they always disappoint me. One of the famous Kareem restaurant also serves pathetic food here. Service is very disappointing. You will have problem in getting things like onion, pickle and water. You will not going to get them unless asked for it many times. Ambience is like once you sit here, you will try to finish your food at your earliest to leave the place. The only advantage is that rates are lower as compared to most places nearby.

Utsav: It is located in Hiranandani gardens and an auto from NITIE will cost around 35. Food is simply awesome specially non vegetarian food. They have both indoor and outdoor seating area. Old instrumental is played here at low pitch. Crowd is very good here and the prices are also moderate, however little higher than Laxmi pure veg. restaurant. No Alcohol is served here and corporate discount is available (But I am not sure which companies are covered). Chicken tangri masala is quite famous here and is generally suggested by the waiters. 

Murli  Non veg: It is located on the saki naka road and auto will cost you around 20 bucks. It is on the first floor and very small place with capacity of not more than 10 people. When we first entered it, we were so shocked that we came out. We heard a lot about it. Finally, after little discussion, we entered. After we sit, we realized it’s a good place. It was also reviewed by NDTV burrp. Lot of posters by NDTV and user good reviews gave us a confidence. We ordered a food. Food was really pathetic. The charges are 100 per plate irrespective of whether you eat paratha, chapatti or rice. Chicken was prepared in Keralite fashion and nobody of us like the food. I think we were so used to Punjabi and spicy chicken that we don’t really like it. One can visit this place if he likes the chicken prepared in Keralite manner.

Sudarshan: It is a good place located at Saki naka and recommended for those whose purpose is just eating and not spending quality time. Always full of crowd, still you find a seat as the seating area is very large capable of accommodating around 150 people. Food is tasty and rates are also reasonable. I find the Bitter melon (karela) in the menu(not common) and ordered the same. It was up to my expectations. I like the place. Shakes are also very famous here. Alcohol is not served here. 

I will be back soon with  the reviews of  Mantra, Rude lounge and many more. 

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Raksha Bandhan

Today as  it is Rakshabandhan, I woke up early breaking my schedule of getting up at noon. I remember, last time, I celebrated the Rakshabandhan at home was in 2007.  After that in 2008, I was in Trivandrum for TCS training. Next year, I was in Delhi, however I visit my Bua(Aunty) and cousin sister and so the festival didn’t went unnoticed but still missed my home. In 2010, I was in Mumbai and this time also , I am in Mumbai. However, I receive the Rakhi well advanced in time every year. 

Rakshabandhan is a festival celebrated by all the Indians across the world in which sisters ties the ‘Rakhi’ on the wrist of their brothers and pray for their well being while Brothers take a pledge every time to protect their sister as long as they are alive.  In India, the ambience of every city, every place on this day is very lively and one can see the masses with the numerous colorful Rakhis on their wrist. Some of the people have the Rakhis extending from their wrist  to their biceps, generally those with large no. of sisters.

Picture taken in 2007 at home
 At our home, it is celebrated with exaggerated zeal. I remember, my mother makes the sewia (Jame) on this day and none is offered the breakfast before the ceremony. Just before the ceremony, we post small posters/stickers with cartoons of Rakshabandhan at both sides of every door at our home. I didn’t know the logic but this is the practice followed from generations. After that, we all sit. My sister ,Bhumika, ties a Rakhi to all of us, 3 brothers. After that, she ties Rakhis of our other sisters and aunts (Bua)who are not with us at home but have mail their Rakhi. We give her the gifts. Then she give us the sweets to eat. I am really getting nostalgic about this day. Let me play some of the best songs of this festival from youtube.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Maha Mandi 2010

"Socho...Becho...Seekho.. Socho...Becho...Seekho "

5th August

This time it is 6th August. Last year it was 31st July. I am really getting nostalgic when I looked at the students buying the inventory, trying to understand the the products well. 

One of the most awaited day in our college, the day when Mahamandi is organized. In this event, we, the students of NITIE generally freshers, are thrown into the streets of Mumbai to sell the educational toys made by NGO called Navnirmiti and in turn, we get some real experience about the consumer behavior.  

My experience last year

Minds at work.
We purchased our inventory on 30th July. We spend considerable time in making the different models and in understanding the products well and planned our strategy for next day. I thought, unless, I am convinced about the product, how can I convince my customers. It was the important part to realize and appreciate the products. After practicing for around 2 hour, we  were confident about how to project our product to our customers. There was one of the script circulated in the college about how to deal with your customer, how to greet them, how to give your introduction and how to face rejections. As it was general, we just had a look on it before sleeping. 

Future Managers
Next day, We went early around 8 in the lawns of NITIE where the inaugural ceremony was planned. When we reached, it was almost empty. No student was there except those few who were involved in decorating stage and organizing. We begun our photography.  It was raining heavily and the idea to sell the products in such a weather was bit scary. Function started at 10am. Last year that is in 2009, the event was graced by the Ms.Preeti Jhangiani “the cute girl in the song chui mui sit um lagti ho.” Keeping the tradition, this year in 2011, it is Aditi gowatrikar.At our times in 2010, it was Rajit Kapur who is popularly known as Byomkesh Bakshi in India and Amol  Majumdar.

Lto R. Naveen, Dr. Mandi and me

NITIE lawns were looking excellent that day filled with students wearing the Black Mandi T-shirt and carrying their red inventory bag. Many of the other B-schools also participated in this event.After the ceremony, there were speeches by our professors. 

Inaugural ceremony taking place

At around 11am, we decided to leave the function in between and set off for our 1st location i.e. Andheri. We were a group of 10 peoples. At one of the red lights after contemplating a lot whether it was the right place to approach the customer or not, I eyed my first promising customer, a lady sitting in an auto with her child. As soon as I started talking to her, light turned to green. After we reached at Andheri, we tried our hands at various places at shops, at markets, at bus stations. I felt a common problem everywhere. People at shop who had nothing to do loved listening to us but didn’t purchased anything. Similar was the case when we are negotiating with the people standing in the queue at bus station. I remember it was raining heavily and water got into our bag and our manuals fro the product got wet. We purchased another umbrella and take a rest to plan our strategy. When I called the other people, they had already left for Bandra after finding this place not worth. Me and my partner then asked the local people if there was any school nearby. This was a place where we got our first customer, man bringing back his child from the school. When I was sure he was convinced, I begun showing him the other products. Though later, I came to know that this strategy is called cross selling, pushing more products to your existing customers. He purchased 2 products. This strengthened our ‘not so diminished’ confidence. After spending some more time and trying our hands on more people, we decided to move on. 

We reached at Lokhandwala market after that and here after having quick lunch at Macdonalds, we again begun our job. I remember one of the incident in this market. As it was raining heavily, we begun to wait in the shed to get refuge from the heavy rains. A  very simple looking man came to us and asked about the products and about us. I tried to ignore him and murmured in my partner’s ears that he will not buy anything. I was somehow convinced from his appearance that he will not buy anything and just passes his time like ladies do most of the time. Shubham, not convinced fully told me that we can practice the art of selling and dialogues by explaining to him about the product. At the end, he was so impressed about the product that he purchased one. I was so shocked. It was a lesson to be learnt. I asked him about his family, kids and where he worked. He told me he had a Cigarette shop somewhere near Andheri. But he really wants to give his children good education and our products are well designed for that and known for bringing the creative part of the mind. This is the India of 21st century. One of the misconception as that we generally approached rich families whereas our most of the products are brought by the middle class Indians. 

The last place, we went to sell our products was Bandra. Here it does not more than hour to sell the products. The one thing, we sold our products to most unexpected places. At one of the place, we sold the product to one old man. At around 7 pm, we were tired and sold almost all the products except 2 honey. The problem was that due to heavy rainfall, its outer body was damaged and the paper about the details became wet and torn. It was appearing quite local and unauthentic and as a result, it was becoming hard to convince the customers. We returned and reached near to our college at Saki Naka at 9. We decided to spend the rest of the evening in the Maharaja bar and restaurant where we ordered beer and discussed about our learning and the various other incident happened during the day. 

It was one of the most beautiful day of our life in Mumbai and I was sure we will never forgot this day. Besides learning and all, this day also gave us a chance to spend the time in the streets of Mumbai and came as a respite from the usual drudgery busy life at NITIE. 

This day is still very fresh in my memory and it seems to me that it just happened few days ago.  

Friday, August 5, 2011

Most useless thought that never fail to occur in my mind

IMPROVING MY SCHEDULE and keeping it in accordance with the healthy habits is one such thought that is coming into my mind from last 6 years but I never able to do it. 
It is because of my love for night out. 
I remember during job times, I keep awake till wee hours whenever I get the chance. 
It was one of those days when I was out of spirits. We woke up at 3 pm (me and my room partner) and went out for a lunch. We slept at 5am in the morning. Again, our discussion went towards schedule. We were trying so hard to change our schedule in accordance with the world but never succeeded for keeping it  more than 2,3 days  in continuity. The loss is immense from classes to health. And the gains are quality time at the night. Going for breakfast out at 5 am is in itself a nice experience. Roaming at night time is one thing I never bored in my life even after practicing it for many years.
My desk at balcony of my hostel room at around 6 am.
The pleasure derived from the spending the time at night in watching movies, roaming, chatting is much more than the combined gains of health and attending classes, at least presently I feel so. Listening to music at late in the night has its own charm.  Introspecting, writing, reading all has its fun and you enjoy these things more at night. Few days back, somebody told me that A. R. Rehman compose all his music late in the night. I haven’t still check the credibility of the statement but this came as a boost to my life at night. 
But the problem is that when you wake late in the afternoon  next day after the night out, you remain in dampen spirits and low energy levels for some time. Most often, your mood also remain bad during the day time. You will restore your spirits and energy levels and moods at night which continue till next day morning. 

I don’t know what is right and what is not. I am simply doing what I am enjoying most  and perhaps this is the only time of my life left when I can enjoy night outs. Once entered into job, night life will suffer.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Life tight hai tension nahi hai.....

‘TIGHT’. This word holds a special significance in the life of IET students. IET Lucknow, where most of the students are from Uttar Pradesh, is one of the best college in the Uttar Pradesh and has its own copyrighted language inspired from Kanpur and lucknow. 

The usage of this word is not less than the word Fuck and similarly, it is used everywhere.
  1. After the exams, if you asked somebody, how was the paper?Most often, the reply is ‘Tight tha’ which means exam was tough and if the reply is ‘Tight hua’ then it means you have escape from the pressures of Back paper which are very mild although I had never experienced this situation due to the generosity of my friends and teachers.
  2. ‘Tight hoo,’ that means I am heavily drunk right now. ‘Tight hai kya,’ another way of asking if you are drunk.
  3. After ragging, seniors people instructed juniors to remain tight. That means ‘tension free and bindaas.’
  4. In a mess on Wednesday, everybody says, ‘Tight bana tha ’ which means food was simply awesome.
  5. If you ask anybody for a money which is very often, the reply of the person is like ’yar, mamla  tight chal raha hai’ which means your source is also facing the bankruptcy these days.
  6. In any other context, this word simply means 5/5.
Every IETian was in love with this word. We had used this word everyday and in every situation except 1, we never said any girl, ‘tight lag rahi hai.’ For girls, we never get bored of words like ‘maal’ which is like the universal word followed everywhere and ‘tota’ which is not so common. I don’t like this word ‘tota’ personally and had never used this word and never will however, IETians were in love with it also. 

BHOKALI was one such word that is also used very often.
  1. ‘Bhokali lag raha hai’ means you are looking like hunk.
  2. ‘Bhokali ban raha hai’ means you are trying to be hunk or too much involved in all the activities of college like politicians and showing  neta-panti, neta-giri.
  3. ‘Bhokal macha rakha hai, Bhokal tight kar rakha hai,Bhokal kat rakha hai aajkal’ means you have created mayhem in the college, you are enjoying the life fully without caring anything, no classes, all rules are taken for granted and you are too much in neta-giri/neta-panti
Another word coming to my mind is ‘Londe’ that simply means dude. This word was also common and actually the motivation for writing this post comes due to this word. Today, at wall of one of IET friend, I saw all the IETians wishing him the birthday like Happy Birthday Londe, janamdin Mubarak londe. There was something common among all the IEtians. 

‘Chull’  was another word which I guess came from Kanpur. This word was also very common during our times and there were 3 people from Kanpur(Kanpuriyas) who were nick named as Chull brothers. 

Anni, Tang ja, seema, choosega,Taapna are some other quick words which were always on everybody’s lips. 

Our First Love, IET
 Please note that title is inspired from the movie, Pyar Ka panchnama.

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