About Me

Rachit Aggarwal, IT Engineer by accident, Worked in IT industry for 2 years, then did MBA at NITIE, and Joined IT industry again after pursuing higher studies.

I was born and brought up in Saharanpur, UP but as I am getting the opportunity to travel to different places, I am realizing i am something of everything.

Rachit is a male Hindu name that comes from the Sanskrit word 'rach' meaning to create, compose, or arrange.

I love spending time in introspecting myself. I live as per as my passions and priorities which keeps on changing with time. Till date, i don't know what i want actually. Sometimes, i think, i want this but few days later,  it becomes a fad. So few days back, i think the best way to live is to no to think about what you want, simply flow with the life and enjoy every moment. This is what i am simply doing.

I am introvert and shy guy who generally speaks less. Not much interested in social parties and family functions but to love to hang out with dear friends. I am always interested in good books and smooth whiskeys. Sometimes, i am avid reader and sometimes i struggled to complete a book for months. Nature always fascinates me. I am a wild life enthusiast, Corbett park is my favorite wild life spot. I believe life is a journey and i enjoy traveling very much. Biking was also my passion once when i traveled around 25,000km in just 1 year in Delhi. But I no longer have any passion for biking. Late night drives always on my bike is something i never get bored of. Lying awake at night and sleeping during day is hobby which i had pursued enough in engineering college and again joined college to pursue it. College was a best thing to live your passions.But everything comes with an expiry, college also came to an end and I am again back to 9-5 corporate job.

I generally believed in not involving me in most of the complications and love to spend time with myself and few loved ones. I am very trustworthy and perhaps that is a reason, people feel free to share their secrets with me. I respect individuality very much. Things that irritate me about the people then are no longer disappoint me now. I think everybody is unique, his own thought process and entitled to his opinion. What other think about yourselves is none of your business.

Writing happens to me around 2 years back but then i just write for myself and generally don't publish. I had made my blog long ago but my first post is only few months old. This happen like this. With the advent of facebook, i began to upload my messages, opinions,notes on Facebook daily. Someone recommends me to start a blog and i thought that the time had come to breath a life into my old blog.

I am from a very small town in UP and always believe that the life in metros cannot be as stress-free and good as in small cities. If given a chance, i love to work in my hometown. I am bit nostalgic and very much attached to my family, city and house. But now, i have opted for MBA and as they say, one cannot be a good manager unless he spend 5 years outside his country. So, let it be. Like everything, such cultural shocks would also come and go.

I simply believe on "Live and let Live."

Thanks for dropping by.


Shubham Jain said...

One of the best introduction i have ever read.

really appreciate your efforts.

Unknown said...

Thanks Jain sahab for taking out the time from your busy schedule and read the blog.

Hope your frequency of visiting this blog will increase.

Please say few words about the contents of this blog.

GMG110987 said...

Oye Rachit...sahi intro hai bhai.

I just come to know about ur blogs due to 7 river book review.
will read ur blogs surely by taking time.

Unknown said...

Thanks gaja bhai for you precious time.

Hope you like the blog. Do read it 2, 3 posts written about nitie.

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