Thursday, December 24, 2015

Skywatch Friday - Somewhere between Mount Abu and Udaipur, Rajasthan, India

This is my 12th  entry in Skywatch Friday and I am really delighted to be the part of this as it
gives me the opportunity to see the beautiful skies across the World as well as to showcase my

Today, I have 2 photos which were taken on our way to Udaipur from Mount Abu. 

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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Dubai Diaries - 4: Visit to Gold Souq and World heaviest Gold Ring

This post will be more of a pictorial prose where I will be sharing few pictures from one of our Dubai Glod souq visit.Though I didnt purchase anything as I am not a huge
fan of jewellery as well as gold as an investment.                                        

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Friday, December 11, 2015

Skywatch Friday - Udaipur, Rajasthan, India

This is my 11th  entry in Skywatch Friday and I am really delighted to be the part of this as it
gives me the opportunity to see the beautiful skies across the World as well as to showcase my
The strangest thing is that I am participating exactly after 1 year. Last entry was Dec, 5 2014.

Today, I have 3 photos covering taken during the sunset in Udaipur, Rajasthan overlooking the famous Pichola lake. 

This small island in Lake pichola is famous Jagmandir where Shakira performed 3 years back

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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Trip to Udaipur 6: Visit to Sajjangarh Fort

While we were boating in the Lake Pichola during evening, I was watching the many beautiful picturesque forts/hotels/properties lighted beautifully far amidst the hills. I was not sure what were they but the Boat driver was telling us about them which I can’t recall now. He was telling us about the fat weddings and parties that took place here and there. He was telling about the famous movies that were shot here. One of the songs of the Bollywood movie “Yaadein” was picturized here in Jagmandir, an island on Lake Pichola. Also, once during the birthday bash of one of business tycoon, Shakira (You’re correct, same Shakira who is known for her number “Hips Don't Lie”) also fascinated the crowd with her sizzling performance.
Then there was another beautiful place which was Hotel FatehGarh Palace and where the famous “Rakhi Ka Swayamwar” reality show filmed. He also told us about the Yeh Jaawani hai Deewani movie starring Ranbir Kapoor was also shot in Udaipur and yes we have watched the film and can feel the same. We were staying in hotel Wonder view Palace and near the same place, many scenes were shot. And one of the upcoming movie Prem rattan Dhan Payo starring Salman khan was also shot in City palace in Udaipur. Apart from above, there were many famous movies and songs while were shot here but let’s not divert. All that I will cover in a different post covering City Palace.

During boating only, one of the places high amidst Aravali hills that caught my attention was Sajjangarh Palace. It was illuminated with beautiful orange light and the Boat driver told that is another must visit place in Udaipur. Since it is famous for sunset, we planned to visit it next day while returning from Haldighati trip. 

Next day, we reached at the foothills of Sajjangarh fort at around 4 pm. The first shock was ticket. Tickets were very expensive. For camera also, there was special ticket and also, for going up to the fort, you have to take their taxi whose ticket was also significant. I didn’t remember the cost but total cost me around 800 bucks which were expensive by Indian standards. Their taxi took 20-25 minutes to take us to the top and that route was very scenic. In a small distance consisting of steep elevation, you will gain great heights. Once reached at the top, be ready to get mesmerized by the beauty of the Fort, Panoramic views of the city and the connecting wild life sanctuary. 

Panoromic view of the city. On left, there is Fateh Sagar lake and on Right, Pichola
Enterane gate
From the top, you can also see the famous lakes of Udaipur, pichola and Fateh sagar along with glimpse of entire Udaipur. One can see how beautifully Udaipur is surrounded by hills from all the sides. In the earlier days due to its strategic location surrounded by Aravallis hills from all the sides, it was considered to be very safe as this place was difficult to find.Initially, Chittorgarh was the capital of Mewar kingdom. One day, Maharaj Udai Singh meets 1 sage in forest who advised him to shift his capital from Chittorgarh to Udaipur. As there were quite frequent attacks in Chittorgarh, Maharaj Udai shifted the capital to Udaipur. The advice of sage came out to be so true that today in City Palace, there was special temple in City Palace dedicated to that sage.

This fort was built by Maharana Sajjan singh primarily to watch the monsoons clouds and also to view his ancestral home in Chittorgarh. That’s why, it is popular as Monsoon Palace. It is said that on a clear day, one can see the Chittorgarh. 

Some other route closed for public, opened only for  forest officials

Beautiful Udaipur surrounded by Aravalis from all side ,thius making it quite safe from attacks as no one can imagine that there is city over there after crossing Aravallis hills. Same reason why Maharana Udai singh shifted capital to Udaipur

View from the top

Sunlight filtered through clouds. 

Presently this is owned by Forest department. It is one of the cleanest and close to nature place and there is no reason you should not visit this palace. I highly recommend this place. And yes, this is famous for sunsets.

However, when we visited, the weather was cloud and we couldn’t see the very clear sunset. Looking at my pictures, I felt I missed the great opportunity for taking very good photographs. All these pics are taken from Nokia Lumia.

No doubt, this place is heaven for photographers. Just go to this link to enjoy the true beauty of the place. Thanks to this link for helping me to truly bring out the beauty of this fort.

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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Trip to Udaipur 5: Visit to Badshah Bagh and Rakta talai

 We reached Badshah bagh at around 2 pm and it was quite hot. There is no entry fee over there and it will just take 30 minutes for you to see that place. It is surrounded by hills. 
Badshah Bagh enterance
Many people will be surprised and will not like this place as tourist destination along with Rakta talai as nothing much was there. But yes historically, these sites are of great importance. I enjoyed walking and imagining the battle of haldighati and significane of all these places.Mughal were camping at Badshah bagh. It is at this place they were attacked by the Maharana Pratap’ army and were pushed to nearby village known as Khamnor. Hundreds of soldiers were killed and it also rained heavily that day and as a result, soldiers’ blood flowed towards the low lying area forming a pool (talai) of blood (Rakht). And that is why this place later came to known as Rakh talai.  

Inside Badshah Bagh

Badshah Bagh site where Mughals were resting

It was also said there was so much blood flowed over there that it changed the color of the soil to red permanently. Even today, it is slight red in color.

For those who are not able to read the above stuff, below is the content:

"This is the historic site where a fierce battle was fought on 18 June 1576 between the forces of Mughal emperor Akbar and Maharana pratap. Hundreds of soldier from both the sides were killed and so much blood was shed here that a pool of blood was formed. Thereafter this place came to be known as rakt talai (the pond of Blood) "

Apart from this, there were also monuments erected in honor of Gwalior who supported the Maharana Pratap in his battle against Mughals. During the battle, Maharana Pratap was injured along with his horse and managed to escape the sight to a safer place and at the same time passing the royal crown to one of the loyal soldier, Jhala Maan, who died fighting with Mughals and making them believed that they are fighting with Maharana Pratap.
All these places Rakh talai, Badshahi bagh, haldighati, Maharana pratap’s Museum and Chetak’s tomb are near to each other and you can actually imagine how the war happened and the significance of all these places. It was a great feeling to know about Maharana Pratap who is still alive in the hearts of local people and the glory of this place.
Also, Maharana Pratap belonged to the Sisodia clan of rajputs. At once, I recalled one of my friend Gagan deep sisodia in college who was also very brave and known for his valor at least in our college. Today, I understood.

It was quite hot durig that time at Badsha bagh and Rakta talai

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Monday, December 7, 2015

Trip to Udaipur - 4: Visit to Chetak samadhi and some emotional moments

Chetak was the faithful horse of the king of Mewar, Maharana Pratap Singh. In the middle of the Battle of Haldighati, a sword hidden in the trunk of elephant tore through one of Chetak's rear legs and injured it badly. But the Chetak didn’t give up. To save his master life, injured Chetak carried his wounded master on his 3 legs and jumped over a big canal to reach a safer place. 

As soon as the canal was crossed, Chetak collapsed in lap of his master thus saving the life of Maharana pratap singh. 

According to folklores, it was said that during that time Brave Maharaja cried badly taking the dead Chetak in his lap. Today, this place is known as Chetak Samadhi/tomb where Chetak breathed its last in lap of Raja.

The content is not very clear in the above picture. Please read it below:

"Chetak was the beloved and favorite horse of Maharana Pratap. Inspite of being badly wounded in the battle of Haldighati on 18 June 1576, Chetak saved the life of this master by carrying him from Rakt Talai to this place by jumping across a stream where he fell and breathed his last in the lap of his master.
This memorial was built in the memoir of the supreme sacrifice that the loyal Chetak made while saving the life of his master."

We felt very emotional especially at that time when we were listening it by the guide.  

Also, Chetak was disguised as Baby elephant to confuse the elephants in the war by placing an artifical trunk on his face.

There was a very beautiful poem called Chetak ki Veerta which I read on internet. Please click here to read that poem.

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Trip to Udaipur - 3: Imagining moments of Battle of Haldhigati at Haldighati

Please Zoom if content is unclear
The remarkable battle of Haldighati was fought between Maharana Pratap singh, the great Rajput ruler of Mewar and Raja Man singh, who was also a Rajput but owing to wish of his grandfather Raja Bharmal joined the Mughal Army. 

Akbar has already conquered the eastern part of Mewar including Ranthambhor and chittor continuing his desire to rule all over India. Akbar was not using his army but based on diplomacy and power, he is asking rulers to accept his suzerainty. Many of the Rajput rulers surrender to Akbar. There was only 1 ruler of Maharana Pratap singh that did not accepted the Mughal ruler. Maharana was not willing to compromise on the independence of Mewar. Akbar sent Raja Maan singh but Maharana refused to meet him. Maharana was raja himself and Maan singh was just Raja’s son. Akbar also sent Maan Singh’s father Raja Bhagwan Das to sign peace treaty but all his efforts went in vain. Maharana Pratap openly declared that he would not come under the leadership of any other ruler. 

Taken at Rana Pratap Museum

Finally, when nothing happened for 3 year, Akbar sent Maan singh Led army to fight with Maharana Pratap. There were many rulers that came in support of Maharana Pratap. Fierce battle was fought. Rana Pratap was surrounded by small army of Mughals. Maharana got injured along with his horse, Chetak. During this time, one of the loyal soldier took the crown of Rana Pratap to disguise enemies. As a result, Maharana escaped and the loyal soldier died fighting. The result of the war is not very clear but it was clear demonstration of spirit, valour and bravery of Rajputs. 

Mughals considered themselves as victorious only for some time until they came to know the truth that Maharana Pratap was escaped and they have killed his soldier. 

This is how the battle came to an end. Next day, when Mughals reached the battleplace there was no one from Maharana pratap side to fight. Histroy text books classified the result of this battle indecisive although it was a great loss to Mewars. I think it is because of the indomitable spirit with which Maharana pratap fight against Mughals despite the fact that Mughals army was more than 5 times than that of Maharana pratap’s army.

This is how the battle came to an end. Next day, when Mughals reached the battleplace there was no one from Maharana pratap side to fight. Histroy text books classified the result of this battle indecisive although it was a great loss to Mewars. I think it is because of the indomitable spirit with which Maharana pratap fight against Mughals despite the fact that Mughals army was more than 5 times than that of Maharana pratap’s army.
Also, There is 1 museum where I clicked all the pictures used in this post. This museum is very beautiful and will cover the entire story of Maharana Pratap’life through 10 minutes video followed by the some animated light and sound show. It was terrific. Though the infrastructurally it wasn't great but the message was clear.

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Trip to Udaipur - 2: Sunset Boat Cruise on Lake Pichola, Pictorial Prose

In this post, I would be only sharing the pictures clicked while boat ride on Lake Pichola.

Hotel Lake Palace currently leased to Taj group of hotels by City Palace group

Someone was telling its a moving restaurant open only on special occasions during nights.

City Palace along with other buildings of Udaipur


Jagmandir island in Lake pichola. Famous song of Yaadein movie, Mera saaya movie shot here. Singer & Dance Shakira also performed here in private party couple of years back

At the top is the Karni mata temple. One can go by walk or take rope way. 

It was very cloudy that day

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Self Realization lesson 2

Till last year, I get angry very easily and quite frequently. I become so obsessed with myself that sometimes I dint speak to my wife for more than 24 hours. This looks quite crazy and unbelievable to me now if I look back in a hindsight in the sense how can I hurt myself and others for so long. Yes, when we get angry we are the first one to get hurt. But today, I think if everything or small small things keep on making me angry, then doesn’t it mean that I giving my control in hands of others. 

For instance, think if the people have the power to play with my mood, then how can I expect my mood to remain stable. Give it a thought. First of all, we have to understand that I should have complete control over my thoughts. If someone had said something rude or harsh, I have a choice. I have a choice to react instantly or to respond. I have a choice to become angry or to ignore or to put myself in his shoes or to remain calm. People can only say rude things but they cannot enter inside us and control our thoughts. It is very much possible that we can have control on our thoughts even faced by something unfavorable. I would only advise to keep your remote control with you. If you are driving to your workplace and in the midst of traffic jam, everyone seems to work against you like Autowallah giving you side, Bike rider driving rash and you are losing your temper, then you need to look back and go deeper to understand how weak you are if everything external is enough to make you disturb. Sorry, No you are not weak at all but you have forgotten that you have the remote control of your happiness. You just have to remind yourself that no one has the control to control your mood. I can pretty much understand that inculcating such thought process can be difficult and time taking but there is no harm in adopting this and practicing. One thing I am sure it works. It works for me, it will work for you. It has worked for thousands of souls out there. Just believe it and remember your task when something is making you angry, it’s time to snatch your remote.

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