Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Grass is always greener on the other side

We always crave for what the other people had and never appreciate what we had. As a result, when we began to lose our prized possessions, only then we start appreciating all those.
How many times it happen we never appreciate the people/things when they are with us but started missing them when they are not. A lot.
With this, I remember the one of the common problem i.e. Benching in IT industry. Benching is doing nothing and still enjoying the salary. Those people who are not allocated in any of the current project due to requirement issue, are said to be on the bench.  People who are on the bench always think that they are wasting their time and their experience is increasing without adding value to them. I am not saying they are wrong. On the other hand, people, who are allocated in the project always crave for benching. Both the states have their own pros and cons. It is a well established truth that the person having the Santro longs for Fabia, one having Fabia craves for Octavia, one with Octavia for BMW and so on.

Scene 1: 1.40 pm. Robin was on the bench from last 4 months where as Ashish was in a project but still not contributing much. Ashish just had his lunch while Robin is coming from the home. They meet at the entrance.

Ashish: Hi Robin! How is life going on?
Robin: I am fine. What about you?
Robin tried to ignore Ashish but not able to. Robin was not feeling good as he was still unallocated.
Ashish: I am so busy these days. I am coming early in the morning and also stay late. Also, I have to come on weekends to complete it sometime. Did you get the project?
Ashish tried to show off how busy he is and not like parasite like Robin doing nothing.
Robin: Not yet. Actually I had got a call yesterday. May be I’ll get this time.
Robin pretends because he is ashamed of benching.
Ashish: You are so lucky man to be on the bench. I am not getting time for anything and you are enjoying to the fullest.
Ashish said this intentionally to hurt the Robin.
Robin: No yaar, I am fed up of benching. My experience is increasing but value is not.
Ashish: Don’t worry dude. You will directly go to onsite.
Ashish trying to be sarcastic and over smart.
Robin: I am not thinking of that. I just want the project. Is there any requirement in your project?
Ashish:  Oh shit! I am not on my desk from last 10 minutes. My boss is very strict. We will meet sometime later and talk about it.
Again show off.
Robin contemplating about the thought that everything that happened happened for a reason

Scene 2: : After 4 months, robin got the project. However, Ashish was released from his project and was now on the Bench. Robin just had his lunch with his team and going out for a fag. Ashish just enters in the building.
Robin: Hi dude! What’s up?
Ashish: Nothing much. I am just bored on Benching. I have nothing to do.
Robin: What are you saying man? There are so many movies released last week. Why don’t you go and watch them?
Ashish: Movies no longer interests me.  
Robin: Just enjoy the bench time. This is the golden period of your life. Enjoy your beautiful honeymoon before it come to an end.
Robin remember his days when he had time to chase his passions. He really started appreciating bench time after his bench is over.
Ashish: I don’t feel like so. I think I am wasting my time. Benching is one of the worst thing on this planet.
Ashish realized benching is not that beautiful against his perception about it when he was allocated.
Robin: C’mon yaar. Enjoy it. I also thought like this but after getting this project, I long for the benching time. There are hell lot of things like that I miss after allocation. Swimming, reading, blogging all comes to halt.
Ashish: BTW, you get a good project.
Robin: No, it’s not that good as much it is perceived here.
Ashish: Is there any requirement in your project?
Robin: I would suggest you to look for the better project. You deserved a better project.
Robin said sarcastically.
Ashish: I want the project very badly. I think for some time, any project will do.
Ashish said very desperately.
Robin: I will let you know about requirement. Excuse me for now. I have some pending work.
Robin said ostentatiously.
Robin contemplating on his desk about right and wrongs of life


Websnacker said...

the problem with all of us is that we are never ever satisfied and never will be! great post though!

Unknown said...

Thanks Web Snacker for your valuable time.

Welcome to my blog!!!

Rahul Swarnkar said...

everyone try to be superior and concealer, depending on which side of court he lies ....
nice exploration of human behavious ..... well done !!

Unknown said...

Thanks Mr. Swarnkar for your comment.
Very true about the superiority and concealment thing.

Mandy said...

This is so true but it's the cycle of life, isn't it? It is all about seasons and wanting the opposite end of the spectrum, it makes us move, change, develop.

Unknown said...

@Emm- Thanks a lot for your valuable comment. Yes, very true about the life cycle, life is like weather and every summer is followed by winter and so on. This is also the essence of famous Indian epic 'Bhagavad Gita'.

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