Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Solo Travelling: A dream

I never found the companion that was so companionable as solitude. Courtesy-Walden                                                                                       

 I have never been a solo traveller for a tourist destination except once when I visited Agra and Fatehpur Sikhri alone. But I would not call that journey a true solo journey because it was just a 1 day trip from Delhi and I was back by night and another and more valid reason is that I have visited that place before also. 

In Kolkata where I lived alone, I planned for Sunderban and Sikkim alone but wasn’t quite sure and the packages were out of the budget. None of that tour happened. I keep touring around Kolkata alone on all the weekends for 6 weeks. When I came back, I really felt that I have misses some very nice destinations. 

I convinced many times about the concept of solo travelling. From last few days as I have nothing to do, so  i am watching videos at you-tube made by the foreign tourists about backpacking in India, reading a lot of travelling blogs. Few days back, when we went to Ajanta and Ellora, i spotted many tourists carrying thick book about travelling in India. The book was titled as Lonely planet. I have read the blogs and articles at their site and find them quite interesting and descriptive and helpful too. I enquired on flipkart, book was about 1200 bucks despite the discount of more than 500. I will order it sometime later in life, now I am just a student. 

I believe travelling solo is really challenging and not that easy as it seems so. Budget will go up, you cannot roam around in night alone in new city, you have to care of all your luggage and you have to take a better hotel as compared to what you choose when you go with friends or with a group of bachelors. Not only this, you have to equipped yourself with complete information especially when you don’t have android mobile.

I have planned many times but was always taken aback. I am making a plan in a near future. Let see what happen this time.I am always impressed when i saw the people traveling alone. Indian, as far as my knowledge is concerned don't travel solo. But these days, trend is reversing.

There is no fun without challenge.

Motivation: Besides numerous reasons, my recent read Into the wild and Walden are biggest inspirations.

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