Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Memory: The Last Leaf

I was feeling quite bored, had nothing to do on this weekend. It is Saturday. I went into balcony and started watching the nature. I don’t know how this thought of the short story ‘The Last leaf’ by O. Henry came in my mind. I had read this story early in my school life. I still remember the day when I read this story, it was raining heavily. Also, in one of the scene of the novel, it was raining heavily. Somehow, it became a part of my memory. After 15, 16 years, I still remember this beautiful story.

Sue and Johnsy were 2 girls and one of them fell ill. A failed artist also lives in the same apartment. He was failed in his life in achieving what he wants but at the end, he painted a masterpiece which saves the life of the girl. I am not sure which girl. 

Let me read the complete story on Internet again. 

If you haven’t read it, check it out, you easily find it on the net. It is a must read.

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