Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Healing Power of Surgery - 1

Today, once again my belief that everything on this earth has a purpose becomes stronger with time; the only thing is that you have to look inwards to find the purpose. I would like to discuss how my illness transformed me, changed my life for a better, and also changes my values and attitude. I start appreciating life more; I feel I came closer to myself. 

On 11th Nov2012, 2 days before Diwali (Festival in India), I met with an accident. It was first time in my life that I planned to celebrate Diwali away from my home but perhaps it was not accepted to higher powers. As a result of which, I went to home on 12th Nov. My surgery of right elbow, for implanting 4 screws, was planned on 16th Nov., 8 days before my marriage date which is 24th Nov. Me and my family biggest nightmares were about the execution of marriage and various associated ceremonies. Biggest problem was that as I was not able to move my right hand at all, how will I put wedding ring in her finger and likewise as all the ceremonies should be performed by the right hand only. But in my case, I performed it with left hand and managed somehow with the help of my relatives. Let me share with you my learning during this 3 month long phase which was perhaps not less than ages for me. 

We tend to think of illness as a problem which can be full of sufferings and problems but I believe in the process there are many things that we can learn from it. When you fall ill, life comes to standstill, you find it difficult to pass time as you don’t have to go to work which gets a major share of our time but at the same time, you have the opportunity to think about lot of things and people you were ignoring, about the issues unresolved in your subconscious mind and many other things and here starts your realization. Illness came in my life as a teacher, inspiration. Let me unleash some of things I realized during this not so bad phase.

1.     I realize the value of my family and loved ones. No matter how hard you work in your life but at the time of crisis, it is only your family who come to rescue you and not your boss or Client. I became very much dependent during that time and everybody helped me to deal with it. I just wanted to say never ignore your family members and always take care for these relations. Man is a social anima as we keep hearing, although it is an era of nuclear family but I believe there is always a feeling of lack of support in nuclear family and nothing can beat the power of the joint family where your happiness doubles and sorrows vanishes.

2.     I started living in gratitude. Whenever I visited hospital, I always thanked god that my injury is nothing compared to other people out there. It was the beginning of the time when I began to realize that I have so much compared to others but instead of being thankful, I long for the things, opportunities that others have. I started loving myself and my family more. I saw people with only 1 leg which made me changed my attitude towards life. I saw people who came for their treatment alone but with me, my whole family is there, lucky me. We should always be thankful for all the things.

3.     I understand the importance of health and it can be realized only when you lost it. I remember when the range of motion was so less that I am even not able to brush my teeth, apply oil to my hair and shaving and many other trivial but indispensable tasks. I become very dependent. When I saw the other people doing it, I felt kind of longing, very deep longing to get my range of the right hand back. I realized at that time if you really want to enjoy the life, which I had and will always, good health is most basic requirement. Without good health, you will not enjoy a single thing. At that time, I decided to take care of my health and improve my lifestyle. I develop a taste for healthy food and at the same time condemned pizzas, burgers etc. and thank god, my wife also didn’t like junk food else the newlywed couple generally have lot of junk food. Also, at this time of my life, first time I got a feeling to quit from non-vegetarian food. Although I have not become vegetarian completely but I have reduced the non-vegetarian food drastically in my diet. I read lot of stuff about healthy lifestyle, going green, adopting Ayurveda life style and able to accumulate some basic stuff in my everyday life like massaging my body twice a week, cleaning my tongue every day, drink 2-3 glasses of water as soon as I wake up every day, sometimes pouring a Badam Rogan drops in my nose for a good night sleep etc. These small things go a long way in improving your health and enable you to live a good healthy lifestyle.

There are some more things I want to share but due to less time, I have to sign off. I will continue this post soon and thus changed its title to show that it is first post of the series.


Sunny Tonk said...

Rachit dost this is an excellent blog by you. It has some very very deep thoughts, seriously at the end of the day we have nothing but our loving family, health and state of mind. Difficulties always comes to make you a better person. you either break in front of them or you live through that to a mature state of mind. I believe you choose the better option, it takes courage to do that, and your family proved to be your support in taking the better path. Hope you enjoy your good health and god's blessings always. Thanks for sharing your thought keep writing such blogs they gives inspiration, and sense of satisfaction of having read a good assemblage of woords.

Unknown said...

A great thought and a good lesson by an amazing person
but its just a beginning, life is very beautiful only our point of view matters..............

Unknown said...

Thanks Sunny for your appreciation.

I am delighted to see people are getting inspiration from this article.

Thanks Mrs Aggarwal for your comment. This blog has always been in need of this precious comment. I am very happy to see my wife reading this blog and also going forward, i need to be bit careful ....

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