Monday, June 17, 2013

Common Jargons used in IT Industry

Some of the Jargon have become so hackneyed with time but still nobody refrains from using them. It is believed that more jargons one will use, more knowledgeable he is.

Let me summarize some of the them i have encountered in my last 1 year in IT industry.

  • Ballpark figure
This term was taken from sports and here it is referred to the Dollar number for the rough estimate of the project/requirement.
  • Let's touch base 
This is again taken from the sports and used when we want to say that I want to meet you. let's touch base is a technical term to say let's meet. 
  • Let's take it offline
When somebody is not sure about some topic and want to discuss it one to one instead of in the meeting, he uses this term. And also in some scenarios when somebody is asking the questions not aligned with the agenda of the meeting or distractions, the host uses this terms to indicate that we will discuss it one to one after the meeting.
  • Pushing the envelope
 This is used to motivate as well as demotivate the employee. This is commonly said during appraisal period when your manager is asking you to push the envelope means he is asking you to think outside the box and to move beyond your limits of what has usually been accepted as a standard and come up with new ideas and initiatives.
  • Asap
 Asap is abbreviated for as soon as possible. It means the same what is conveyed by as early as possible or at your earliest.
  • Let's close it
 It sounds very obvious. It simply means to complete something.
  • MOM
It is abbreviated for minutes of meeting and summarizes what is discussed in the meeting. It is generally prepared after the meeting and circulated among all the attendants. The purpose is to have the list of all the action items and agreed upon points in written.

  • Action items
It refers to things to do and generally prepared after any meeting. 
  • EOD
It is abbreviated for end of day and refers to the end of your working hours in a day.

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