Saturday, July 6, 2013

Night shift at the office & that too on Friday

This is the first time that post MBA, i am doing the night shift. This makes me reminisced about my night shift days but now the body has changed and now I hate waking after 11 at night against the time when i loved night shift badly.

It is not the typical night shift but actually the work has increased so much that we have no other option but to spend the whole friday night in office.

There is nothing much to share. Only thing i am worried about is my wife who is sleeping at home alone. Thought to call her but then there is no point in disturbing her from her goodnight sleep and what will happen if she didnt feel like sleeping again or will feel scared alone as it was also raining continuosuly.

Its 3:40 am. The only good thing i am anticipating is that I was not able to do the breakfast with my wife on a weekday from a long time due to erratic work hours but today i think i will manage breakfast with my wife.

I am really missing her and worried about her.

Perhaps, when she read that blog, it would bring a smile on her face.

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Unknown said...

thanks for your concern,, so nice of you..:)

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