Saturday, September 28, 2013

Birthday- The Christian way

Yesterday I attended a birthday party with my wife in our society/Apartment. We hardly know the family and rarely interacted with them in last 1 year but as a custom, invitations are sent to every flat no. 

It was the 1st birthday of the child nick named as Cherry. The reason I decided to write a post is that I have never come across such a party. 

Party started with the head of the family announcing that we will going to start the meeting in next few minutes. It confuses me when he mentioned the word meeting. The meeting started with a short prayer in Telegu which we hardly understand. Then he invited priest for sharing something religious on this such as wonderful occasion. The priest delivered the very enlightening session for the next 15 minutes. 

He discussed why the God wants everyone to become childlike. He shares some of the amazing qualities of the children that we all should try to inculcate in our life. He explained each of the quality further in detail. Various qualities he mentioned:

  1. Simple faith which is not supported by the complex logic of the mind
  2. Honesty
  3. Forgiving
  4. Do not wear the mask/  they are not hypocrite
  5. Hunger to learn and curiosity 

After that there was a cake cutting ceremony and post which, priest/father asked each of us to close our eyes, raise our right hand towards the child and give him our blessings for 2 minutes. I have never seen anything like this in a birthday party. I was really enjoying the party.
In last, head of the family asked the parents of the child to give a vote of thanks to all of us who have taken precious time out of their schedule to attend the party and everyone was asked for the dinner. 

It was very simple party and there were lot of things to learn from it. In North India, birthday parties are incomplete without DJ, without everybody dancing, all halla gulla. Also, here the people were dressed in a very simple manner. Also, we never offer prayer like this in birthday party which we should do, however there is lot of show off in north Indian parties.
I truly enjoy this down to earth party with my wife.

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Unknown said...

Really it was a very nice and different party

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