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Trip to Hampi - Part 7 : Day 3 Itenerary

9th December 2013, Monday

We woke up at 7 am. I was not in a mood to go back again to join that corporate rat race. As soon as I woke up, my mind is full of office, work informing colleague about my leave. I went upstairs looking for some peace. Hampi is a very beautiful town and our guest house offered very good view.  I and wife took some pictures. Some foreigners were doing Yoga in other guest houses nearby. We talked to some of them. I told them how much I appreciate the way they travel. I asked them how they manage to travel for so long. One of the guys Tommy told me that they work for some time quit their work and then join again. Isn’t it interesting?

He was in India from last 6 months and travels extensively to Kashmir, Shimla, Amritsar, Delhi, Rajasthan, Dharamshala, Kerala and many other places. We exchanges emails and blog addresses.
Finally, we took a bath and checkout at 9am and had our breakfast at Venkateswara restaurant. 
My wife CA and me
Then we took a bus to Hospet and From Hospet, we took a bus to Tungabhadra Dam. 

Tungabhadra Dam is in Hospet and perfect place to kill some time before we can catch out train at 3 pm. For more pictures of Tungabhadra Dam, click here.

Dam was also very scenic especially 1 location where I took  power nap of 20 minutes to get recharged.

Left: Bench on which I took power nap. Right: View from the Bench

Tungabhadra Dam

Tungabhadra Dam


Please note that there is also cloak room in Tungabhadra Dam so if you find a huge queue in the cloak room of the railway station, you can use this one. 

We reach railway station at 2pm. Our train was the same from which we arrive. It was scheduled to reach Hyderabad at 5:30 am in the morning. It confuses me that the same train take 9:30 hours from Hyderabad to hospet but taking 14 hours from Hospet to Hyderabad until we reach Guntakal. At Guntakal, I came to know that the train will stop here for 5 hours and will join another train. It was a slip route train. But, nowhere it is mentioned that it will stop for 5 hours in between.

Finally we reach home on 10th Dec. at 7 am drenched with fresh memories of Hampi. 

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